Macau & Hong Kong 2016 : Part 7 – Tim Ho Wan & Tai Cheong Bakery

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So after some serious shopping, we reached the end of the Sham Sui Po. It was 2.30 pm, and time for another meal at the famous Tim Ho Wan. We’ve tried the KL branch (in 1 Utama) of the Michelin-starred restaurant, but there’s nothing like eating at the original. There are a few other branches in HK, but this is where it all began.

The shop is pretty small, much like most dim sum places around here. Since it was off peak, we didn’t have to line up for a table.


Since we had just eaten at Australian Dairy Co, we only ordered three dishes including tea.


We had the (from left) lor bak gou (pan fried turnip cake), baked bun with BBQ pork and lor mai fan. we’ve tried the chee cheong fun stuffed with pig’s liver (one of the other heavenly dishes here) in KL before.


After that, we walked back towards Shum Sui Po Station along one of the parallel streets (Cheung Sa Wan Street). Here, they had many shops selling toys. Very interesting to look-see, they have lots of unique items, and not crammed with generic China-made stuff like the shops here. Bought a cool Darth Vader / stormtrooper for my pal Boone.


Along the way back, we also made a pitstop to buy another snack. See the line forming? Want to guess what is it?


It’s egg waffles, or gai dan zhai.


Next up, we took a ting ting tram. Anyone who’s watched HK movies would know about these iconic legacy tram system, that serves as a cheap transport for locals as well as a tourist attraction. Most of the trams are modernized, but some are outfitted to look like the old wooden trams of the olden days.


Seating is quite limited.


Oh look, Patrick!



We got off the tram at Central near the escalators. We took the escalators and came down somewhere near the Midlands to find Tai Cheong Bakery. After some trouble, we found it! Fortunately it was still open at 7pm.


The reason we came here was for their egg tarts. Different from the Portuguese variety, this is yummy in its own way.


Directly across the bakery I saw this bookstore. They used to be in Malaysia too, many years ago.

Went in for a quick browse. Books are slightly more expensive here due to our weak currency.


We wanted to have dinner in a char chan teng, so the bakery folks recommended this place a few blocks away. A little trouble finding it, but it turned out to be quite a famous place that’s more than 50 years old, but recently refurbished for a modern look. And surprisingly, they seem to have a Malaysian flavour to some of the dishes in their menu like laksa and rendang. Anyway, we stuck to the HK classics.




Then it was back to the ferry terminal to catch a ride back to Macau. At the last MTR station, we didn’t forget to buy the almond finger puffs!


Anyway we made it just in time for the 8.30pm ferry. I actually ran out of HK dollars, short of HKD100 but the guy selling tickets accepted MOP100 instead. Phew! Then it was a rush to make the ferry!

We made and slept all the way back to Macau…

Next – Coloane.

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