South Korea 2015 Part 18 – Gangnam Station Food Street

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After walking around COEX Mall a bit, we decided to go to have dinner at another mall, Galleria Department Store. At the basement of this department store is a famous upmarket food court called Gourmet 494. This place was recommended by a friend, where its website describes itself as “high end, gourmet product hall that features carefully selected, eco-friendly products and healthy trends in dietary culture”. Whoa, who wouldn’t be impressed with buzzwords like ‘dietary culture‘??!

So off to the subway we went. As mentioned before, COEX Mall spans 2 subway stations. Galleria was 2 stations away, but unfortunately we didn’t realize we boarded an express train, one where it skips 2 stations. So instead of exiting at Apgujeong Station, we exited at Gangnam station.

Since we were a little tired, we thought we should just exit the station and look for something to eat. As luck would have it, this was the first thing we saw when we reach the top of the steps.

(well, hellooo there, a sight for hungry stomach)

Gangnam is a business district, but traffic is still heavy on a SUnday evening at 5pm. And its also true what someone told 12 years ago – Koreans only buy cars that are silver, white or black…


Although being the place where rich people live and work, Gangnam Station food street is surprisingly lined with restaurants similar to everywhere else in Seoul.

(not my first choice for dinner)

At about 6pm it started getting dark really fast and the street was really filling up with people. Here’s the thing about Koreans. Doesn’t matter if its a working day or Sunday – they always dress the same – trendy dark clothes.


Saw these pop up fortune telling booths. For such an advanced and intellectual nation, they can be quite superstitious, too.


We saw another of these posters of the Tasty Road’s endorsement. I have to admit – I’ve started watching this show since coming back from Korea.


We actually walked all the way to the end of the food street and doubled back. We even bought some el cheapo clothes for my daughter. As for dinner, we finally decided to go for Western for our last meal in Korea, this grill place called Spice Chicken (or at least that’s what I think the shop is called).

We shared a large grill platter consisting of fried chicken, grilled ribs and fries. Superb food.


On the way back to the subway, we stopped by ANOTHER bingsu place – this one was advertised as “award-winning”.

(mango bingsu with cheese and almonds. And coffee)

Then it was back to hotel for one last sleep.

Next – wrap of our entire trip.

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