Penang 2013 Day 2 – George Town

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We didn’t book breakfast with our room. This is PENANG, why eat hotel buffet food when there’s hawker food everywhere? Like I said earlier, Hotel Royal is in a good location. Our breakfast was in New World Park, the refurbished old foodcourt, now with the addition of fine dining restaurants and pubs at night. But the foodcourt is still there. My wife says the tong sui (desserts) and ais kacang is famous here.

newworld plaza

But today, not many stalls were open. I guess its more happening in the evening.

Quite disappointing assam laksa. I knew it was wrong when it was made by an Indonesian lady. But the or chien here was quite delicious.


On the way back to Hotel we stopped by the iconic Continental Bakery for cheese buns and curry puffs.


Today it was a full morning doing the George Town Heritage Walk. On the way there we saw Poh Imm and family at the Chowrasta Market.





lim kongsi


Its a little touristy but got to admire the effort to preserve the heritage. Any other state won’t have the political will to do this. Look at what happened to Melaka and what’s happening to Chinatown in KL.

We went for the Khoo Kongsi, despite the pricey tickets. I reckon you need to do it at least once so you know what the fuss is all about.



We listened in to a tour guide entertaining another group of tourists. Quite a charismatic guy.


After that, we walked around some more towards Carnavon Street. I checked out the row of art supply shops there. The range of products for artist isn’t as good as I thought it would be, or did I visit the wrong shops?



Lunch was in a coffeeshop just opposite Nanyang Art Supplies on Carnavon Street. More char kuey teow and lobak.


Back on 4 wheels, we took a quick glimpse of the clan jetties.


Waze brought us to the Penang Road Chendol. While its definitely a great tasting cooling snack, whenever I come here, I always feel sorry for the other stall opposite it. the taste is almost the same, but its a pale shadow of the more successful neighbor. Bumped into my good friend from university, Raymond, here.


Then it was Ghee Hiang in Macalister Road. I’m not that crazy about their products, but had to buy some gifts for friends. I just wonder why they can’t open another cash counter when the queue is so long and slow, since business is so good.

ghee hiang

Later in the evening before dinner, we dropped by Clove Hall near our hotel. this bungalow hotel was the place I wanted to book initially, but it was full for the next 4 months. Lovely and tranquil place.

clove hall

Dinner was at Green Lane. Its not the best place to eat, but at least it was convenient with loads of stalls here.





there’s a surprisingly lack of activities in Penang at night, if you’re not into pubs. So we went to Batu Ferengghi for the pasar malam. Nothing much has changed since our last visit here, except for the prices.


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