Sun Kok Kee Dim Sum in Bercham, Ipoh

Talking about dim sum in Ipoh, I can probably say in the last 15 years or so of going there, i’ve been to most of the famous places. If you’re talking about the big ones, I’ve been to Ming Court, Yoke Fook Moon, old Foh San, new Foh San and Tai Woo. If you’re talking about old school dim sum, I’ve been to Ying Fa. As for upcoming, i’ve tried this pretty good one called Chef Chan or something like that. For middle of the road convenience, I’ve been to a few of the Tai Thong ones in Ipoh, most frequently the one at Hillcity. And regrettably I’ve also tried this noveau dim sum place in Greentown called Qi Yuan (please don’t mess with dim sum, okay? it never works.)

But the one big name i’ve not tried ever is Sun Kok Kee. Part of the reason is it located in Bercham. I’ve nothing against, Bercham other than the jam at the Tesco junction that takes forever to clear (by Ipoh standards), its just i usually go to town for food. So last Saturday, we hitched up the car and drove there. There’s a faster way via Ampang but we went using Jalan Raja DiHilir anyway.

2012-06-02 10.27.35

It’s located behind the market (Tai Pa Sat) in Bercham, drive in past the newer areas towards the new village.

2012-06-02 10.27.16

Despite being a public holiday weekend during school holidays, i wasn’t as crowded as other places. It occupies 3 shoplots (one lot taken up by the kitchen) in a row of nondescript shops.

2012-06-02 09.55.41

The faux-marble tiles remind me of old Foh San.

2012-06-02 10.00.50

Service was a little bit slow, but the food is good. Outstanding is the woo kok and char siew pau.

2012-06-02 10.15.02

So another dim sum place done and dusted. Next round I think i want to go back to Ying Fa.

on another note, Ipoh was blazing hot over the weekend. After dim sum it was so hot at home i decided to drive down to Pengkalen to visit Station 18. The jam getting there makes the jam at Tesco Bercham look like a breeze. So what’s at Station 18? Okay, reminded me of Kinta City when it first opened. No MPH, only popular and another bookstore not worth mentioning. But i like malls in Ipoh – where you can go in shorts and slippers and not look out of place.

2012-06-02 15.22.19

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