Vacation in Paradise – Koh Lipe Day 2

(This is the 2nd part in an ongoing travelogue. Check out the first part here.)

Before coming here i was worried if the nights were going to be a little boring here as there isn’t much to do. But that problem never arose. Every night after dinner we were usually too tired and went to bed by about 10pm.

Picture 220

Second day was a free and easy day here. Let’s face it, other than go for island hopping (which we did on Day 3), there isn’t much else to do except:

1. swim,
2. lay on the beach and relax,
3. eat,
4. relax some more.

Our hotel Bundhaya is a great place for couples and families to stay. Its one of the few with resort facilities, most the others are catered towards backpackers and young people who don’t mind roughing it out.

This our own chalet. Quite charming. There are limited family chalets here, so make sure you book early.

Picture 147

Picture 140

Picture 417

The whole resort is garden themed, ensuring that all the chalets don’t get any blistering sunlight at any time during the day. I really like the concept. The downside was that our unit was quite deep in, walking the distance 8 times a day when you’re sunburnt is no joke.

Picture 145

Picture 200

This is one of their more expensive chalets, with glass walls. Not much privacy.

Picture 144

Our stay came with complimentary breakfast. The choice is limited, but we had no complaints. Best thing about it? Bacon.

Picture 142

In the morning and afternoon, we did the same thing – swim and relax.

Picture 157

Picture 191

Picture 204

As for food, lunch was at Pee Pee Bakery – where they made French pastry and bread fresh every morning.

Picture 208

Picture 209

Picture 210

We also had ice cream back at our resort.

Picture 218

At night, lots the restaurants fronting the beach will put up a seafood grill, with the food fresh from the sea on the same day. We tried Lavoy, which is attached to the popular bar Mellow Mango. For about RM50, we have a set meal of Massaman, grilled white mackerel, fried calamari, vegetables with cashew and rice.

Picture 257

Picture 264

Picture 273

And Day 2 comes to an end. Another fun day awaits tomorrow.


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