Beach Holiday

When i was a kid, we never ever went for a beach holiday. Not even for a day trip.

The only time i could remember was the 3 times i went for church camp in Port Dickson. This was in the early 80’s, when Port Dickson still had nice beaches and green forests. I remember the beach games they organized, and the taste of salty water when i went for a swim. But any Malaysian can tell you, the Straits of Malacca beaches are nothing much to shout about, regardless what our tourism brochures tell you.

One time after SRP 2 friends and I took a mini-road trip to the East Coast to meet some new friends we recently met in a youth holiday camp. My most vivid memory (other than the tastiest onion oil porridge my host’s mother made) was the beach in Teluk Chempedak. This was in the late 80’s, when Teluk Chempedak still hadn’t turned into the nightmare carnival it is now. My Kuantan friends were laughing at how I was amazed by the sand scouring beneath my feet whenever the tide rolled in.

Things improved a lot when i started working, and much later with AirAsia appearing.

But of course, I’ve never lost my amazement of the beach since.

Anyway, for those dreaming of your next holiday while cooped up in your dreary office, check out this list of Top Ten Best Tropical Islands by my favourite travel blogger. Out of the ten islands on the list, I’ve been to 2. I’m going to another one more next week. Two more islands are do-able (hopefully) while the remaining five are probably beyond my (financial) reach…

But one can dream.


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