Mind Your Language With Mr. Jeremy Brown

Does anyone remember this show? That old British politically-incorrect comedy about a bunch of international students taking English classes in a night school.

We were all young then, loved the slapstick humour, didn’t really see the mildly offensive national stereotypes that people get so worked up over these days. There were the bickering Pakistani and Indian guys (Ali Nadim and Ranjit Singh) the girl-crazy Italian and Greek (Giovanni and Max), and many others. A quick look at youtube and you can see lots of the episodes resurrected there.

Then there was Ms. Courtney, the strict headmistress who never seemed to like anybody.

But the star of the show was of course the teacher, Mr. Brown. Naive and unassuming, always trying to fight off the amourous moves by the French babe (Danielle).

Looking back at that era, there were many late night English comedies on our telly from the UK, like Yes Minister, Allo Allo and the sort. I guess I owe to them in part my fascination with the British and English.


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