Bali Day 2: Kintamani, Gunong Batur, Bebek Bengil and Hard Rock Cafe

Daybreak on the 2nd day, we were supposed to get up early, but after the tiring first day, getting up early was a problem. When we left the hotel at about 8.30pm when it was already pretty sunny. This the morning sun on our room’s private patio.


Ok then it was a 90min drive northwards to Kintamani and Gunong Batur. It was supposed to be cooling up in the mountains, but the morning sun was already pretty hot when we got there. But the view was awesome. Note the black volcanic rock at the foothills from the last eruption, that’s where they get the rocks to make sculptures.


To the right is Danu (Lake) Batur, and next to it Gunong Agung. Pura Besakih, the mother temple, is on the other side of the mountain. The villages you see on the lake shore are the original inhabitants of Bali, said to be once cannibals.


We didn’t have lunch in the many buffet restaurants in Kintamani lining the road, but took a short drive to Ubud. A short distance away is a coffee luwak farm.

Kopi luwak is made from beans found in civet droppings (the civet cat eats only the best beans). About RM10 in a small espresso cup. Only for the experience, i guess.

kopi luwak

Here’s one of them animals. Doesn’t smell too clean.


Stopped at Tegallalang en route to Ubud to take photos of the famous rice terraces. Astounding. Although i suppose they’d look more stunning in the mornings and evenings.

rice field

We skipped Pura Tirta Empul in Tampaksiring although we passed by it as we were already hungry. Lunch was at the famous Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner in Ubud. This place is a must-try if you’re in Bali.

bebek bengil

Although its right smack in the centre of town (also on a busy traffic intersection), its also surrounded by paddy fields at the back.

bebek paddy

The signature fried duck dish. The rice is normal white rice, but the duck is delicious. You can even eat all the small bones if you wanted.

duck rice

We found our meal so good we had to tar pau something for the road. Anyone care to guess what? (It wasn’t the duck).

bebek box

All the way from Ubud to Sanur, the road is lined with small towns concentrating on a particular form of artcraft. We stopped by one for wood carving. The town must contain something like 100 workshops and galleries. The carve anything. In terms of holy iconography, they’ve got all the major religions covered.


They also have glassware.


We stopped by Sanur Beach on the way back to Kuta in the afternoon. The beach is nice, much quieter compared to Kuta and Legian. From Sanur you can see Nusa Penida, the biggest island off Bali. That’s Sanur Beach Hotel, the biggest hotel in Bali.

sanur beach

After that it was back to Kuta town to do some shopping. Town was thinning out in the evening due to Nyepi.

kuta town

We also took a walk on the famed Kuta beach before dinner. The beach is wide and sandy, I can see why its so popular. On the downside, there are dozens of ibus and bapaks pestering you to buy stuff everywhere you turn.

kuta beach

Dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe by the beach.

hard rock cafe

What did we have? Pork ribs, again, of course! And some flame grilled chicken.

hard rock dinner

Sunset taken from the cafe terrace. Too bad the telephone cable was in the way.

sunset 2

And so day 2 comes to an end. Next: Nyepi Day, Ubud, Uluwatu and Jimbaran


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