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Just joined twitter about two weeks ago, under the name ‘simontalks’. Coincidentally, there’s an article in the Star by Oon Yeoh about Twitter and microblogging, for the uninitiated.

I’m exploring all the apps related to Twitter, and believe me, there are lots and lots of them, goes to show how popular it has become. There’s Twibble, Twitteroo, Twitterific, Twitthat, Tweetybird, etc. Heheh was joking about that last one.

Anyways, I haven’t really started looking for my friends in twitter, so if your there, say hello to me and I’d love to start following you. 🙂 Last week, just for the fun of it, I started following Kevin Rose and Barack Obama. Not Sarah Palin, though.

Btw, if you want to see a hilarious website about Sarah Palin being president, check this out. Click around the site and have a good laugh.

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