Something On My Mechanic

My friend once told me a modern day adage that I found to be very true:

these days everybody needs to know 3 people – a doctor, a lawyer and a mechanic.

Without any of the services of these three professional, be prepared to lose lots of money when something goes wrong, ESPECIALLY the last one.

I have an excellent family doctor, a young lady who, thankfully had to inject me on the backside only once so far.

I know many lawyers who are good friends, but thankfully I haven’t had any reason to need their professional help, and hopefully don’t ever need to.

As for the mechanic, i’m pretty lucky to know this guy Ah Weng who has been servicing the series of beat-up cars I have had the misfortune to be driving for the last 12 years. Unlike many other mechanics I know, Ah Weng’s a nice guy, and is honest (well at least to me he is). I know most people believe that honest mechanics don’t exist in the real world, much like honest politicians and fat loss pills that acutally work, but trust me Ah Weng is.

But anyway when I sent my dad’s Wira for service 2 months ago, his perpetually-frowning clerk told me that Ah Weng has retired, and his assistant has taken over. According to the assistant, Ah Weng has been suffering from kidney problems and has finally decided to retire in his early forties.

Ah well, I guess I know his assistant well enough to keep sending my old junk car to the same workshop. I dunno, looking for another regular mechanic is a hassle – it is sometimes like a bank holding open interviews for prospective robbers…


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