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Let’s go back a few years.

I became a dad at quite a young age, younger than most of my friends and peers. I pretty much learnt about the job on my own, my own dad was never around for most of my growing up years and when he was around in my teen years, i had already grown distant from my family.

But young as i was, i think was pretty prepared, i had always known what kind of dad i would be, even before i had gotten married.

Digressing. First kid came some years back, she was a mature looking baby, but very sweet, everyone said she will grow up pretty (so she doesn’t look like me lah ahaha). In her mannerism, she’s a lot like me, she’s a lot like her mother, although my wife may not agree. The second kid, now that’s a different story…


But anyways. It’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday, kid.



  • Boone

    I remember that on the day she was born (or was it the day after), she already had long fingers (that part of Daddy she inherited ;-)), a prelude to beautiful lady-like hands.

    Happy Birthday, A!

  • Pat

    Hey, happy birthday to your eldest!

    I would have to say she reminds me more of you than your wife, hahaha…

    Yeah, she grew up pretty quickly, since her mom and dad were very active in church and took her everywhere 🙂

  • daniel

    I too would like to share my birthday wishes. As our neighbor would say, “Kiasu”. Anyway, Happy birthday Alyssa.

  • pelf

    Happy Birthday, “kid” 😀

    May all your birthday wishes come true (and make sure you pick whether you want to be like your Dad or Mum when you grow up) 😀

  • Ann

    Already extended bday wishes in wife’s site. So, shall not repeat the same here.

    But I agree that that girl will be one tall pretty lady. And one main thing I can say about her is that she is indeed good natured – that comes from who?? 🙂

  • Ponytail

    Happy Birthday Alyssa!

    pressie is on the way…on the way….i better call uncle Mike to confirm again…tsk tsk tsk…

    This auntie is pretty slacking since the arrival of her own girl…terrible huh!…pilih kasih…cis!
    But auntie Poh Nee (or is it che che Poh Nee?…tak malu) never forget those hugs from you since you were just a little toddler. Your rare but lovely curls and that sweet sweet smile…melts!

    Oh and this photo is really a killer – I mean can kill a dozen boys on the road…hahaha
    Such a lovely girly pose and the mesmering smile 🙂

  • Ponytail

    and this is for Simon – the Daddy…
    After not seeing you for a while and they saw u last SG, my parents still think you look like that HK actor laa…(they told me after u all left) maybe just a few kilo extra laa. But like my Dad said, you are tall and a little extra is Nothing! Hahahaha…

    Btw, Alyssa picks the best feature from both mar…hahaha!

  • simon

    boone – i think it was the day after, anyway first kid always get the genetic goodies 🙂

    pat – really? i always thot in terms of mannerism it was from both sides.

    daniel – thanks!

    pelf – i think one of her wishes did come through already, in the form of a present.

    ann – me of course!

    ponytails – also remind mike not to forget MY present ah?

    giddy tigress – she says ‘thanks!’

  • mama23beas

    As you know, I’ve been your reader for years now. Earlier I thought you’re not going to put your kids pic here. Now I’ve seen quite a number.
    Digressing pulak…anyway, such a pretty girl you got there. So, are you also sure what kind of dad would you be when she starts getting more admirers;).

  • simon

    thanks, mama23beas, i really appreciate your support of my blog over the years. actually the blog has changed a lot in all this time, as you have noticed 🙂

  • cc

    Happy belated birthday to you beautiful little girl!
    I just realised there are a lot of winter babies around! Myself included. 🙂

  • Jayelle

    eh tell lah how old when u became a dad:D

    She’s SO beautiful, I gasped when I scrolled down and she appeared on my computer screen. 🙂 Protect her well for she will be hounded by many naughty men.

  • lilian

    Wuah, if I am one month too late, you can stuff mouldy cake into my mouth or not ah? Your little girl so lenglui worrrr. Happy Birthday and in another 11 months, happy again.

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