Food Trek in SS2

Sunday lunch has become a big deal for us these past few years. It’s a time when we meet up with our friends to have lunch together, and recently we’ve been eating around SS2 a lot, since that’s where we’re at. SS2 is a food haven really, you can check out any of the many food blogs that have sprouted out of late.

In recent times we’ve found that we’ve always gone back to these favorites:

Friendship Herbal Restaurant (捕一宝) in SS2 – We love the set lunch – RM9.80 gets you claypot meat, vegetables and rice (white or brown).Ironically we’ve never tried the famous coconut chicken soup, we should address this problem in the next visit. It’s a few doors away from Kayu Nasi Kandar. Incidentally, this was featured in last Sunday’s episode of One Day Five Meals.

Melaka Street – Ken brought me there for lunch one day, i loved it. Their set lunch on week days gives the best dishes at affordable prices, but on weekends you can try their equally good ala carte dishes like curry mee and fried rice. Their nasi lemak is quite good, so’s their cendol.

Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun – Further up the road is this Penang favorite, with their curry mee and char kuey teow. The choice of food is really wide, but stick to their recommended dishes. Lunch crowd is quite heavy.

Chow Yeang Restaurant – This isn’t the original restaurant or coffeeshop, the restaurant has been taken over by the aforementioned Kayu Nasi Kandar, while the famous coffeeshop is now Lim Mee Yoke. The owner of Chow Yeang apparently moved to this endlot a few doors down, it’s now a restaurant and not a coffeeshop. The food is generally good, but the killer dish is their crispy skinned duck. You’ve got to try that one.

So guys, where are we going this Sunday? Not that wanton mee again…?


  • simon

    icednyior – actually only melaka street is halal i think.

    chow yeang – ummm… were they also the reason why Germany lost?

    lilian – i love their char siew, man.

  • hcfoo

    Personally I love the penang curry mee at Lorong 100 Tahun. But the best penang curry mee used to be at SS2 Mee Yoke which is now Hong Leong Bank. I wish someone can tell me where the curry mee stall is now.

  • simon

    pat – so have you tried that friendship restaurant? we’ve tried the coconut chicken, it’s quite good…

    hcfoo – maybe can ask the boss at the current lim mee yoke, he might know…?

  • Nuts 'bout Food

    HCFoo, the curry mee at SS2 Lim Mee Yoke has moved to the coffeeshop on the other far end of Kayu Nasi Kandar. The stall is only open in the morning, as it was in the previous coffeeshop. Happy Eating!

  • Wynn

    Hey guys, there is a new restaurant opened in SS2/10 lately, the name is interesting – “little bowl”. I love their chee cheong fun the most. It does not serve with the ordinary sweet gravy – they serve with mushroom and curry gravy..the combination is…indescribable. Must swing by to try.

  • simon

    actually ive been to this place many times, was there today. yep their chee cheong fun is different but delicious. but quite limited menu though.

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