50 Questions

Saw at Visithra‘s. Enjoyed it so much i nicked it for my blog! She got it from Dreams & Sugar and then from BawangMerah, so it’s a bit of a read and pass it on, eh.

1. FAVORITE MOVIES? Too many. If i were to name the first few from the top of my head – Kramer vs. Kramer, The Breakfast Club, Good Morning Vietnam, Moulin Rouge… My problem is that i don’t watch movies more than once, even if i find it very good. Once is enough, and i remember it forever.

2. DO YOU OWN A GUN? Nope.

3. WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY? boredom. with nothing to read.

4. FAVORITE SCENT? Deep fried bacon in the mornings.

5. DO YOU LIKE HOT DOGS? Not so much.

6. WHAT DO YOU PREFER TO DRINK IN THE MORNINGS? Do you have to ask? Coffee. White and sweet.

7. DO YOU DO PUSH-UPS? Not since secondary school. Or did you mean the type of bra?

8. BROTHERS OR SISTERS? One of each, i think.

9. WHAT’S YOUR MOST LIKED PIECE OF JEWELERY? I used to wear 2 silver crosses around my neck. Not so much into bling-bling these days.

10. WHAT DO YOU TAKE FOR PAIN RELIEF? That white tablet from the KK (Kementerian Kesihatan).


12. DO YOU OWN A KNIFE? Yes, it’s in the kitchen.

13. MIDDLE NAME? What am I, American?!

14. NAME 3 THOUGHTS AT THIS EXACT MOMENT? I’m hungry. I’m hot. Trying to answer this question.

15. NAME THE LAST 3 THINGS YOU HAVE BOUGHT? Neil Gaiman’s Sandman book two. Breakfast. A can of Lime 100 Plus.

16. NAME 3 DRINKS YOU REGULARLY DRINK? At the risk of repeating myself, here goes – Coffee, 100 Plus, Tea.

17. WHAT TIME DID YOU WAKE UP TODAY? 6.25am. It’s an unholy hour, I know.

18. CURRENT WORRY? Medical checkup.

19. CURRENT HATE? Arrogant people. But ‘hate’ is a very strong word, no?

20. YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? Somewhere on vacation.


22. WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO? Next? Hong Kong. In the longer future? London.

23. DO YOU OWN SLIPPERS? Of course i do. Go everywhere with them, except work and church.

24. WHAT TOP ARE YOU WEARING? I’m a guy la. I wear T-shirts. White only.

25. LEAST FAVORITE COLOR? Bright red. And yes, I am Chinese.

26. LAST TIME YOU HAD AN ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Chinese New Year. Some red wine during our dinner. More of a wine guy.

27. WHAT SONGS DO YOU SING IN THE SHOWER? I don’t sing. Neither do I shower, I use the pail and bucket, like most Malaysians. Okay, like most old-fashioned Malaysians.

28. WHAT DID YOU FEAR WAS GOING TO GET YOU AT NIGHT AS A CHILD? Nothing much. But I always disliked exams.

29. WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKETS RIGHT NOW? Nothing. Except some lint.

30. WORST INJURY YOU’VE EVER HAD? Dislocated my thumb and fractured my finger during basketball.

31. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PET? The old dog, passed on now.

32. HOW MANY TVs DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE? One and only one.

33. WHO IS YOUR LOUDEST FRIEND? None, we’re all well-behaved. Relatively.

34. WHO IS YOUR MOST SILENT FRIEND? None, they all speak at some point.

35. DOES SOMEONE HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU? How would I know? I’m married!

36. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? Not really. With the pollution around here these days, you don’t really see stars anymore…

37. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK? Don’t have one, but if pushed to name one, the good book has to be it…

38. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CANDY? Chocolates. No question at about it!

39. WHAT SONG DO/DID YOU PLAY AT YOUR WEDDING? Some wedding march. But in my mind, Love of A Lifetime by Firehouse is the theme song to my wedding

40. WHAT SONG DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? Face to Face by King James. I knew it immediately after hearing the song.

41. WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT 12 AM LAST NIGHT? Blogging. But usually i’ll be watching the idiot box.

42. WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING YOU THOUGHT OF WHEN YOU WOKE UP? Gotta get to work… gotta get to work… repeat ad nauseum.


44. DO YOU LIKE RAIN? Yes, but only if i am indoors, reading a book.

45. WHAT DO YOU SMELL LIKE? a musky mixture of hyacinth and witch hazel in the November dusk. No, really.

46. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’LL BE IN 10 YEARS? No idea, but preferably on permanent vacation wondering what to do with all my money.

47. DO YOU BURN OR TAN? Not really, although in my line of work i’m in the sun a lot.

48. LAST TIME YOUR CELL RANG? this morning, in the office. A call from someone downstairs!

49. WHAT IS YOUR GPA? at graduation? 3.50 plus i think. Although it means jack squat after leaving uni.

50. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? Nope. Sleight of hand, diversion, yes, magic no.


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