One Year On A Deserted Island…

This one is quite interesting, got it from mott and lilian – the premise is that you’re stuck on a deserted island, and can choose too bring along 5-6 of their most wanted bloggers, for one year.

I’m thinking most Malaysians like me aren’t going to survive long on a deserted island, doesn’t matter even if you were an badge-winning boyscout in your formative years or not. Or for that matter, cookie selling girl guides. Not unless there is a McDonalds’, laundry and 7-11 nearby.

Starting a fire pun dunno how, how to survive one year? But hypothetically speaking la.

First one lemme see, i think i’ll bring along *anjali. She’s a seasoned traveller / backpacker, I’m pretty sure she can help me start a fire / pitch tent / collect firewood / build working solar powered 43″ plasma HDTV. Besides, in the long afternoons, she can entertain us with her tales of travels around the world.

Second one, I’ll bring laundryamah. We all need fresh clean clothes.

Next up – probably 5xmom, yeah i know lots of ppl mentioned her already, but since she good cook, we all need to eat. Can’t live off rain and sunshine on a deserted island right? No need fancy Malaysia’s Best food, can eat (and not still alive) can oredi la. Besides, after 3 days we’ll all probably finish off the coconuts and mangoes already. But before that we need…

Gallivanter to go and catch the wild animals and slaughter them. Manowar style.

And finally, consuela. Since she has loads of experience surviving in a Pacific tropical island paradise… (although that one not quite deserted la).


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