Dear Leading English Newspaper, We Want More Siti! NOW!

Dear Leading English Newspaper,

I am OUTRAGED. As a long time esteemed reader of your respectable newspaper, I want, no I DEMAND to know why there has NOT been any coverage on the FRONT PAGE of your hallowed newspaper for the past two days.

Yesterday, there was a fantastic write-up about that Datuk K’s ex-wife making claims to some of the Datuk’s house and property. Although i was over the moon the see you manage to dig out this fabulous piece investigative journalism, i am slightly disappointed that it only made the 4th page, not the FRONT PAGE. Plus, you did not give the exact details of the condo and property for us to hunt it down and stake it out to get a glimpse of our angel, Siti.

ANY news of Siti MUST be put on the FRONTPAGE, it’s your duty as a national English broadsheet – I don’t care if there are other ‘so-called’ more important news like tsunami in Java, or national sugar shortage, or stock market crash – I want Siti! I want to know about the 5-man designers making her dress that’s more expensive than my car, I wan’t to know when she says that her marriage is fated / destined / arranged in the stars / predicted by Joey Yap or anything like that. Even if MAS goes bankrupt it can appear on page 5 or later.

If on any particular day, Siti does not make any newsworthy press releases (God forbid that should happen), then i will settle for any coverage on Mawi, especially the details of his engagement break-off with his fiancee. A transcript (or better yet, camera phone video recording) of the negotiations between the parents will do nicely. Don’t forget, you’re the LEADING ENGLISH NEWSPAPER, not some piece of sensational tabloid like those others which are more concern with ‘real news’ or ‘social issues’.

Tomorrow, I had better see a printout of Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding guest list on YOUR FRONTPAGE or there’ll be another letter from me. And when are you guys to HEADLINE an interview with Datuk K’s kids? That stuff would be GOLD, man.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned Citizen

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  • Sheena

    Hey, come on over to Sarawak. Apparently, OUR daily has got so little to report (what schoolgirl bully case?) that Siti made OUR frontpage. How come YOUR daily so lousy one?

    Btw, should I be worried if the nurses I met in the local polyclinic are more concerned with whether “Siti kena jampi” into marrying Datuk I’m-so-famous-because-I hang-out-with Siti-that-I-only-go-by-a-letter rather than the welfare of their patients? Hmmm…

  • anjali*

    Ya man, I want Siti on the front page, every day. They should do a Madame Zorra to discuss how Datuk K and Siti are made for each other, according to some stars, moon and meterite read. And a write-up on Datuk K’s & Siti childhood, etc.

    Frontpage is the way to go.

    Who cares for all the other catastrophes happening around the nation and the world.


  • mama23beas

    This morning saw the frontpage “hantaran Rm88,888.88 untuk Siti”…and with this letter from Simon, I hereby declare no newspaper-reading (and maybe blogs;) for a month…but wait, in a month they just had the wedding…ok lah, till next year!

  • S-Kay

    The day Lebanon was hit, they had Amber Chia pasted so big on the frontpage. How awesome. So well, Siti is no Amber so no frontpage for her.

  • lucia

    who said no frontpage for siti? got.

    the day the tsunami hit java, indonesia, they had siti and datuk k pasted so big on frontpage. how wonderful!

  • simon

    IX – wah, if she was a Chinese, the chinese tabloids will have SPECIAL PULLOUT on her.

    sheena – i just heard this radio caller saying that ‘something not right’ about the wedding… and this is on the English radio station.

    anjali – all to sell more papers.

    mama23beas – what’s with the 8’s?!! Is she Chinese?

    ken – NOOO-OOOO! No videolog!

    s-kay – yeah i remember. she was skydiving or something lidat.

    lucia – it’s a joke… 🙂 based that day’s frontpage headlines. the same day of the tsunami.

  • simon

    Ruth – again no cover story today. I’m writing another protest letter as we speak.

    lilian – we the Siti fans. All your blogs are belong to us!

  • dee

    just to set the record straight…tsunami occured at about 4pm (give or take)on the day siti made the announcement. The Indon’s initially claimed only five lives were taken. Now…the rest of the world thought its just a minor thing. Only the next day, news of the massive destruction came about. I read AP current report at about 11am. So there is no connection between Siti’s story taking precedent over tsunami…

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