Top Ten Post-World Cup Lines Still Heard Around Malaysian Coffeeshops

Most people still have that post world cup hangover. Sudah lah, over already man… money lost cannot get back lah. But seriously folks, I’m thinking it’s going to be a few more days before the hype dies down. Just in time for the EPL coffeeshop talk to start.

Top Ten Post-World Cup Lines Still Heard Around Malaysian Coffeeshops

  • “See? I was right! I TOLD YOU Italy was going to win, right? Remember I told you that day don’t know when? I remember I told you Italy was going to win…!”

  • “You know what, Joe? Yesterday my girlfriend blew her top off when I forgot her surname… I mean, Joe, you understand, right, Joe? This past one World Cup punya hal I very stress lah…”

  • Hutang?! WHEN did I bet Germany vs. Costa Rica with you?!! I don’t remember one!”

  • “Look, let me explain again… when a striker starts running to receive a pass from his teammate, there must be at least 2 players from the other team between him and the goal… Until now you still don’t understand the offside rule kah…?”

  • ”You know Joe, this morning I felt very strange lah. For the first time in one month I actually slept through the night… I didn’t automatically wake up at 2:58am… very strange, hor?”

  • ”Yesterday, I was looking at my boss’ face during the staff meeting, then it struck me… after working with him for 4 years, I suddenly realize how much he looks like Zinedane Zidane…”

  • ”Okay, let’s see, the Italy-Australia match, you lost RM20 to me, the Brazil-France match one, I still owe you RM35 for the bet, then your semifinal bet you still haven’t pay me yet, so contra off everything… (does Standard 2 mathematics on paper napkin), I say Joe, we don’t owe each other anything lah…”

  • ”Eh, you know what? That night at Mamak Syed Bistro, during the live telecast of the England match ah, you know who I saw or not?! Erra Fazira, you know!!! Some more with this guy wearing Beckham jersey, very action lah… NOT Yusry KRU, you know!!!”

  • Aiyo, that day I was at the shopping centre, I saw that Adidas teamgeist official World Cup football, I thought I wanted to buy one to put in my room… Guess how much it costs?!!!”


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