Happy 3rd Birthday, PPS! / Fansign / Finally, A Pic of Simon!

June 23rd is Project Petaling Street’s (PPS) birthday, and this year it’s the third. Most bloggers will remember the big birthday bash last year at Charlie’s Place in KL, I remember there were plenty of postings about it, and not to mention the many pictures popping up everywhere… including The Star’s In-Tech.

PPS has changed a lot in the last one year, least of all the look of it. When I first joined PPS some time in March last year, it still had the ‘classic’ black and white look. I know it’s really the right usage of the word classic, but it my first impression of it back then… then on National Day 31st August 2005, there was a major revamp to a white and blue interface, premiering a few other features like the PPS blog directory and RSS feed.

The next major rework of the page is the current one we see (not counting the few beta versions), and it’s still in use today. I understand Aizuddin is working on another re-design, I wonder how it will look like?

Other than the face of the page, I think the content PPS on the whole has changed dramatically, but I really don’t want to go into all of it… But in short, too many sploggers and CnP’ers flooding the page everyday, it’s getting harder and harder to find good posts to read. But anyway, i just avoid the detritus, after awhile you can tell by their post and blog titles. I still come to PPS almost everyday, although most days I don’t click on any of the links.


Coming back to the PPS Bash last year. I didn’t bring my camera there, all I had was my crappy camera phone. I took only 3 shots all blurry and dark. Believe it or not, I only uploaded it to my PC a few days ago, they have been sitting in my phone for the past one year…

This is the first one, it’s Jeff Ooi giving his acceptance speech for ‘Ping of The Year’. Mack Zulkifli is standing next to him wearing white, but he is totally obscured from sight by Kenny Sia (I think). Damn cheap camera phone…


This next one is of the crowd listening to Jeff. If someone sees themselves here please let me know. Damn cheap camera phone…


This is the crowd in the entrance foyer. I think I need to buy a better phone.


OK fine, i didn’t say they were GREAT photos, but it’s one of those things you had to be there…


I promised a fansign and a picture of myself. Okay, let’s kill two birds with one stone.

At the risk of sounding passé in this day and age of the Malaysian blogosphere, Happy 3rd Birthday, PPS!


(Yes that’s my 3 fingers…)


  • lucia

    hey simon, do you know i have a picture of you receiving the award at the PPS bash last year? it was quite a clear shot too! (btw, i took pictures of all the winners.)

    ah see you should not offend me then… if yes, i’ll post your picture up for everyone to see. haha. just kidding. oops. i remember i had put up all my PPS 2nd anniversary bash photos on my photo gallery. thank god i did not make known (public) my gallery yet and the photos were not label yet.

    if you want to see it (and see your own pic) i can email you the url.

  • Ken

    Gotta emphasize on the wedding ring there eh? 😉
    Btw didn’t you post up your photo here last time? I remember you said you were the one wearing the cap 😛

  • fred

    a hand. we have a hand blogging… 🙂 PPS seem to be very strange after the PPS bash. it completely changed after that. I wonder why?

  • simon

    lucia – yeah, i’ve actually seen the photo long ago… but since it wasn’t labelled, i reckoned it was OK, the debt collectors won’t recognize me…

    MG – yeah i know. no money.

    buaya69 – hehehe… when are you going to post your pix?

    lilian – for some kids, terror 3s is sometimes worse!

    hcfoo – no. too much planning to do it, it think. but mayber cyber-red is organizing another flash mob?

    cyber-red – as strange as that sounds, happy pps to you too!

    ken – itu only reflection la… can see ah?

    anjali – everyday two times with Johnson and Johnson. And i never miss my metrosexual spa appointments.

    fred & jayelle – actually, in the recent months, there were many postings in PPS touching in this matter. i suppose it’s just going through a period of overexposure.

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