Why Brazil Should Win the World Cup

Why [tag]Brazil[/tag] should win the [tag]World Cup [/tag]– so that we can all see more of those samba girls dancing in the victory parade.

Why England should win the World Cup – To stop them going on and on about 1966 and [tag]Alf Ramsay[/tag] and [tag]Geoff Hurst[/tag] and was-it-wasn’t-it-a-goal and.. (but then they’ll go on and with the class of 2006…)

Why Australia should win the World Cup – bragging rights over those arrogant cricket, Aussie-rules and rugby fanatics back home.

Why France should win the World Cup – Because Djibril Cisse isn’t playing.

Why Italy should win the World Cup – Just only for their tight jerseys.

Why Holland should win the World Cup – Marco van Basten is such a nice guy.

Why Sweden should win the World Cup – to prove that at least ONE Swedish football coach CAN win the World Cup…

Why Serbia Montenegro should win the World Cup – Just to see if they can fit the name of the country on the engraving plate on the trophy…

Why Togo should win the World Cup – because the Hong Kong bookies calculated that they’d make the most money if Togo won due to the lowest amount of bets on them.

Why Saudi Arabia should win the World Cup – to ensure this current coach doesn’t get his @$$ fired after two games.

Why the United States should win the World Cup – oh, come now, let’s not get carried away here, shall we?

Why Japan should win the World Cup – so that Asia gets another automatic slot for the 2010 World Cup.

Why Portugal should win the World Cup – I’m sick of hearing the phrase ‘golden generation’. Plus, Luis Felipe Scolari looks funny celebrating goals.

Why Argentina should win the World Cup – To shove the golden trophy up Brazil’s…

Why South Korea should win the World Cup – to improve the image of South Korean exports around the world (e.g. footballers, Kia, Hyundai, Goldstar, Daewoo, Winter Sonata, Jewel in the Palace, etc)

Why Spain should win the World Cup – so that we can all stop seeing the miserable look on Raul’s face for the next four years.

Why Germany should win the World Cup – To prove the theory that Brazil can’t win again in Europe.


  • Din

    Whoever said footy is damn ridiculous should be shot and hanged. :p

    by the way, England should win coz Becks said he would cry if they win. But then again, he would probably cry if they don’t win it either….so….

  • mama23beas

    Haha …a nice one, Simon. And the others (your posts about footy)…it is just that I can’t really relate as hubby is not really a footy maniac…and that makes me the luckiest woman haha!

  • Arvin

    Good work there Mr Simon..

    The French… no apparent reason to win.. the did lose goaless the last time around.. 🙁

    Brazil.. so they can meltdown the copa.. and give Ronaldinho a proper dental attention.. and Ronaldo a proper hairstylist..

    Jokes aside.. all the best to all..

  • sexymama

    England should win so that the July 11 party can actually take place.

    Englang should win because George Best is dead and can be a phantom player.

  • simon

    din – becks is probably used to crying himself to sleep every night due to the taunts about his hair…

    IX – portugal. i’ve corrected it 🙂

    mama23beas – you’re one of the lucky few…!

    arvin – since france 98, france has been a disaster, despite the talent. i doubt this year they’ll do well, although most likely better than last time.

    sexymama – er… george best is northern irish…

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