Christmas Decorations at Mid Valley (Yeah, yeah, here we go again)

Today is the Wednesday before Christmas, there are four more days to the big day.

(yep, I’m still counting down the days…)

We heard so much about the ‘White Christmas‘ decorations at Mid-Valley, so last week we decided to go down, brave jam and maniacal shoppers to see it. The place was quite packed, school holidays and all, there were no shortage of people fuelling the Malaysian economy. Economical slowdown? But MNG is on sale!! Speaking of MNG sale, I wonder if Uncle Belacans was there… hahaha…

Okay, first the pics, then the top ten list

Below: As you can see, the White Witch has already come here before. And also check out the lady giving me weird looks at the bottom left corner of the pic. She’s probably wondering why I’m the only person using a real camera instead of a kick-ass camera-phone like everyone else…

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Below: This is another shot of the centre court, this time taken from the upper floor. There were some kiddie shows going on, but I didn’t bother to whip out my camera, anyway the whole perimeter was crowded with people at that time.

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Below: This last one at the South Court is themed ‘Little Drummer Boy’ or ‘See Santa Lost 48lbs and Has No Crotch‘. Most of the parents were busy jostling for space to take a pic of their kids. This display made the front page of Sunday’s Star, i believe. However, no crotch aside, I have no idea why Santa looks like he’s going to burst into tears any moment…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyways, here ten good things to hear during the frenzy of last minute Christmas shopping…

  • “If it’s on sale, it MUST be cheap!”
  • “No sir, I’m sorry, we do not carry any make-up products for men here…”

  • $359 for a Luciano Menotti lycra tank top? I can’t believe it’s so cheap!”

  • “What do you mean you can’t accept RM1 coins anymore?!”

  • “Excuse me, please get in line to pay at the cashier counter. The line starts downstairs near the toilet…”

  • “Hey wait a minute, I came here in the morning with my husband… I haven’t seen him for the last 5 hours! Has anyone seen him?!”

  • “Oh dear, I only managed to finish shopping at this floor… looks like I’ll have to come back tomorrow for the third floor of shops. And make sure I bring another gold card to use…”

  • “I’m sorry sir, we don’t allow customers to test out the underwear in the fitting room…”

  • “Hello? Honey? Can you call the bank again? I burst our credit limit on the platinum card again!”

  • “I don’t need a new jacket, (and the fact that nobody wears thick jackets in bloody hot Malaysia), but since it’s 30% off, and the brand is some pretentious Italian name, I MUST GET IT!!!”


  • lucia

    why white christmas?? we never experience white christmas mah!

    how i wish one day a dept. store or hotel would come up with a traditional malaysian christmas!

  • Yvy

    all these sales mania is SO malaysian lar…lol i really try to avoid these kinda places during festive season – cant stand the crowds n the noise, aiyoo…

  • ST

    Hi there. I’m a regular reader of your blog. Regarding the sales, what pissed me off was Seed offering a man’s top at 50% from the so called original price tag written RM119. My friend got it 2 months ago when it was still a “New Arrival” thingy at the price of RM59. Now tell me, what would you do and how would you feel if you encounter situation like that? Pissed off, right? Guardian used to do that as well but I’m not sure whether they are still doing it right now.

  • simon

    lucia – ‘christmas on the tropics’…yeah, the local hotels should really try dat one.

    lilian – i dunno, i guess that’s why he doesn’t have kids.

    JoeC – ai? you turn into Forrest Gump oredi aa? 🙂

    yvy – i tell you, so gila man… from the parking, to the cash counter to the displays, to the food court… i think this weekend i’m staying put at home, watching tv in my underwear.

    st – well, we can all start by boycotting seed. how unscrupulous of them!!

    nadia – you’re welcome… it would have been funnier if i had watched more episodes, but i still prefer ‘house’…

    din – thanks man… how the new ride?

  • rascher

    So pretty… i havent been to Midvalley for a while.. Thanks for posting the pics, it satisfied my curiousity for their theme this year. Now I don’t have to go there anymore heh.

    is there a nativity scene? I wonder if they’ll ever put that up the size of the giant Santa i see.

  • Mrs Santa

    Dear Simon,

    Pls stop looking at my husband’s crotch. It’s an unhealthy thing for a decent church-going man like you to do. Shame on you!

    Now…let me move your name to the “Bad” list.

    Oh, have a Merry Christmas anyway.

    Try to be good next year.


  • zyrin

    –“Hey wait a minute, I came here in the morning with my husband… I haven’t seen him for the last 5 hours! Has anyone seen him?!”–

    i think this happened to my sister & her hubby, haha. she’s *such* a shopaholic.

    merry christmas to you, simon!! and a happy new year!!!

    -rin skips off happily humming christmas carols she vaguely remembers the lyrics to… tralala-

  • simon

    rascher – nope, no nativity scene… santa is more popular. but assunta hospital has one scene every year, i think.

    babe in kl – really aa? now if i can remember what was at the south court.

    yuin – no wonder he looks like he’s going to cry!

    mrs. santa – seriously, ma’am, you should control your hubby’s diet! more fibre, less complex carbo!

    zyrin – thanks, rin! have a good weekend too!

    consuela – thanks, consuela! how’s christmas is hawaii?

  • consuela

    the same like everywhere…everyone busy shopping for the perfect gifts, decorating your home and Christmas tree, the anticipation of loads of presents (with your name on the gift tag) under the Christmas tree and all that delicious food on Christmas day! I just wished we could have a white Christmas for one day!

    I’ll be celebrating Christmas on Maui.
    Mele Kalikimaka! 🙂

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