So Where to Buy a House?

Almost everyone I meet between the 24 to 30 age range like to talk about buying houses in the Klang Valley. It’s that age when we start working, plan to get married, so everyone needs a house to call their own. But being average income earners, we are limited in our choices of where to buy property, be it landed or apartments. To get a cheap house, you either buy far from the city, or settle for an apartment, but nearer.

But one thing I always hear is the ever-ready negative comments about all these places. These people always repeat it everytime the topic comes up. Presumably, these people are the fortunate ones who’s parents have bought them nice houses in PJ SS2 / Kenny Hills / Bandar Utama / Ampang or any place with the word ‘Damansara’ in it.

Yeah sure, YOU don’t have to work your fingers to the bone to repay huge loans for a crummy 18’ x 60’ house, so do us a favour and stay in your mansions next to the golf course, OK?

Given below are those ACTUAL comments I have heard through the years.

Kepong – Eeeyer! Dowan to stay there la. Very cinapek (‘Chinaman’) place, if you buy house there then you stay next to taxi drivers and fish mongers. Some more you see all those stalls at the side of the road selling fruits and stuff, eeyer… Can’t believe people can stay that kind of place.

Kota Damansara – Traffic jam lah crazy, man. Everybody want to use Sony exit and Penchala link, some more got so many condos and housing areas there. Everything also so expensive, one. And then on weekends the whole place jammed up, all those people going to Ikea, the Curve, Ikano, Tesco, 1 Utama new wing, 1 Utama old wing, etc…

Sg. Buloh – You want to stay next to the jail, aa?

Puchong – Wah, that one all tin mining land lah! Afters your house got sinkhole then you know. Then last time you remember Puchong got crocodile? Not only that, I heard its near the rubbish incinerator, everyday smell rotting garbage. The houses there all not nice, all square-square one, some more got to pay LDP toll.

Sri Damansara – So far from PJ. And then so near to Kepong, trust me lar, the house value won’t go up one…

Klang – Wah, you crazy, aa? So far! Don’t care how cheap-lah, no way I’m staying there, man! My engineer friend say Klang the soil all not good one, you house sure got cracks and potholes one. Everyday you spends so much on toll, better I stay somewhere nearer. Everybody say the river so smelly. And I also cannot speak Hokkien…

Balakong / Seri Kembangan – Aiyeeeer! That place the roads got no system one, some more all the gangsters stay there. Everytime I pass there I always see the squatters and Chinese new village, if you buy there your house where got resale value…

Bandar Sg. Long / Kajang / Bangi / Bukit Beruntung / Kota Kemuning – Crazy aa? Stay so far for what?

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  • wildcharm

    I wonder where is the best to get a home. Definitely prefer a nice environment for kids to grow up and NOT where your neighbours won’t even care if your house is being cleaned up from the inside by robbers.

    Come come all come to Subang. A town with the most flyover, most car and most jam.

  • mudslinger

    haiyah simon…

    now i am renting in bdr kinrara, puchong. i also bought an apartment in kota damansara. both are the places that you mentioned that has got flaws. how like that?

  • twinsmom

    Belacan, Jalan Klang Lama consider OK lor now, as long not come from PJ Old Town lar.

    *sigh* those are the reasons me and twinsdad still die-die staying in Jalan Gasing Taman Petaling old house lor, I don’t think we will buy a house leh, renovate the house may be lar, cemment floor still better than chip wood stripe came off in the new house (see newspaper?).

    afraid of traffic jam? where got no traffic jam?

  • tiger

    People, Seremban might be worth considering, especially if you work around the KLCC area.

    Apparently there’s a shuttle bus service from Seremban bus terminal to KLCC from Mondays to Fridays. Commuting time is 1hr, about the same time it takes to drive from Subang to KLCC, right?

  • 5xmom

    You people somemore got so much complain. We Penang people langsung got no more houses to buy because hardly got any new development.

    After having 3 school going kids, the best place to stay is next to the school! Like me. Plenty of time to blog instead of being bas sekolah auntie.

    – A community message you heard from Simon’s blog. –

  • CLF

    Wangsa Maju is a heaven of KL!! 😀
    LRT Putra brings you anywhere you want!! XD

    Seriously….. WM dont really have those probs u mentioned above. You can consider it Simon, if you really want to get a house. 🙂

  • anjali

    I still think OUG is the best place of all. Why, coz I am there mah! Haa.

    Every Thursday – got the best pasar malam.

    Got the 2 better selections of mamak – Steven’s and Nathan’s.

    Mid way to PJ, Bangsar, Bukit Jalil, Puchong, Subang – NPE, Kesas, NKVE all stone’s throw away.

    And the price also quite good.

    What more you want?

  • wildcharm

    Jason : Subang is near where Sunway Pyramid is. It is situated in between PJ and Klang.

    If stay in Seremban susahlah if wanna travel around for social outings.

    There’s this place in Kota Damansara…erm…near the Polo Club. The place looks beautiful and so is the price =P

    Where lah to buy house? I think balik Kelantan better lah. Neighbours all friendly, low cost of living, can even build your own house weh…4 storey house..dun play play!


  • Simon

    wildcharm – everyone in subang also feel that way… no wonder Lat packed up and moved back to Taiping.

    mudslinger – kinrara still OK, ma… everyone also got jam, only see how much you can tahan… and how far your office is to your house.

    inevitable – for investment? A lot of places also can… where are you looking at?

    belacan – OKR is ok if you work nearby. if not, jam, jam, jam… but at least got NPE.

    twinsmom – wah, so you & twinsdad stay in those big colonial mansions, aa? WAAAH!

    solb1 & tiger – i strongly agree, now with S2 semi-Ds going so cheap.

    5xmom – everybody here like to complain one, if not lunch time we have nothing to say..!

    dave – i think for ppl like me, its ‘no choice’!

    clf – you are right about WM. But if i stay there, all my friends will be on the other side of KL/PJ! problem, problem…

    anjali – you’re back! OUG is great, but no more land to develop already!

    nsds3 – i thot u stay sarawak? or are you refering to your ‘summer house’? 🙂

    yuin – the other complain about klang is the massive jam, especially at those roundabout with trafic lights (?!!?)

    jason – subang is ok, but only if you live & work there, if not, jam is unbearable… you can see it at motorola everyday.

    thomas && missy – nice place, but miss one turning, then you have to go another 4km to u-turn back. also everyday eat the same food.

  • wildcharm

    Jason : Oops..sorry..LOL

    Yeah…Subang’s jam is unbearable but I’m kinda immuned to it already. Imagine leaving home at 7am for an 8 am class *pengsans*

    You must be rich to live in Subang too. Why? To avoid the jam, use all the highways. Hahahahha. One month RM100 for touch & go

  • mudslinger

    the place i bought is called d’rimba. near the polo club in kota damansara. it’s under construction still, but the houses there look grand.

    you wanna go back to kelantan? i know they have huge and colourful houses there. and at a cheaper cost too.

    sorry for using your blog as a message board. 😀

  • keng ?

    dont ever get a house in Cheras.. because nobody mention here, and please don’t, coz that’s my hometown! It’s improving nowadays and i m too selfish to share with others, hehehe…

  • twinsmom

    twinsmom – wah, so you & twinsdad stay in those big colonial mansions, aa? WAAAH! yar…I wish…those in Ampang wan.
    mine wan is the 50 years old double storey link town house next to the toilet of the “big colonial mansion”.LOL…

  • iQing

    I am from Kepong and there are lotsa shopping complexes nearby. There are starbucks and Delifrance etc. in Jusco, Kepong.

    There are lotsa new appartment buildings in Kepong and the food is so tasty…
    anyone tried the hawker stalls in aman puri?

    a blog reader
    -Life Feel

  • diana

    I like where I stay back home (in PJ -2 pasar malams a week, all the food places you can think of, banks, coffee places etc) BUT the jams jams jams drive me absolutely nuts. The LDP is absolutely fantastic. 11am traffic is NOT slow-moving– its NOT moving. 2pm similar. 6pm/7.30am? look at Motorola/Kelana Jaya situation. oops this’s turned into a rant sorry!

    I concur with all your list. Thats what I hear so often.. some may be preconceptions, but some are oh-so-true. Callous neighbours are everywhere though..

    *btw congratulations on the PPS Award! =)

  • Simon

    keng – ooh, you in cheras & penang aa?

    twinsmom – but still can sell for RM500k right?

    iqing – actually kepong is really coming up with alot of new condos and developments. sooner or later it will be like another cheras.

    klang – i like the telok gadong shop in rasnah!

    diana – i know *which* part of PJ you’re talking about, i used to stay there. its a great place to stay if you work nearby, all the conveniences are there, but if you have to travel around, jam. thanks!

  • Lazy Bone

    I grew up in Kepong and still choose to stay in Kepong. A lot of convenience. Never had fish monger as my neighbour, taxi driver got lar. But I think it is all convenience loh. You have good food everywhere, friendly and nice neighbour… But it is now under tremendous new development, a lot of trees being chopped down, it affected the township overall appearance by a lot. No longer cool and relaxing neighbourhood liao.

  • 嘉雁

    Looking at Desa Park City, Sunway SPK..
    the house is not cheap there.

    Are they consider under kepong area? I wonder we can say kepong is a place where fish monger, taxi driver are..

  • Simon

    lazy bone – actually its not true what they say about kepong. that statement was made by my friend, his father bought him a nice house in Bandar Utama…

    jia yen (sorry if its wrong!) – desa park city is very good, but it might not be so affordable… more for higher market category. Sunway SPK, i have to see the place first.

  • 嘉雁

    yes. you prounce my name right.

    Sunway SPK is just next to the desa park city.

    There double storey terrace launced at price RM550K.

    While the 2 1/2 storey terrace launcing at price 668K now.

  • 嘉雁

    House is getting more and more expensive..especially the Freehold.

    How can we chase the price?

    The money we save month by month…is not able to catch the property price as it is getting higher and higher too.

  • Simon

    jia yen – ok, now i know where sunway spk is… you’re right, we are paying a premium for the ‘luxury’ of freehold. However 50 years from now, its hard to say how the gomen policy will be on land titles, especially when ppl want to transfer ownership.

    is it worth it to pay so much more for ‘freehold’? sometimes when we are looking for a home at a lower budget, we need to reassess what we are really looking for and what we should expect…

  • Mulan

    Hey… I stayed in Sri Damansara and the houses there are not cheap.. But Desapark city is way too expensive. I went to have a look at the showhouse, well small bungalow with no compound i would say, priced at 1.4mil..how can buy like that…

  • Malaysia Property

    klang not bad mah….but going to any big mall is a bit troublesome…and get use to paying toll

    but overall klang got cheaper living cost…no jam..cos i work here also so it is good for me

  • Cyberkahuna

    Simon and friends,

    A chance surfing brought me to this site. I am a Malaysian planning to return to Malaysia soon, so all your comments here about housing in KL really helped. Now I know what to look for, instead of been led blindly by the real estate agent. Thank you everyone. 🙂

  • ezine

    so far I have an apartment in Subang and one condo in Puchong. This areas are hot lar. Subang one near KTM Subang Jaya and Puchong one near Citibank and other foreign banks. Cool investment lar

  • nora1

    anyone wants to buy a condo in puchong prima? free hold, inclusive of kitchen kabinet (ikea), lighting (ikea), wardrobe, grill, water heater? only RM220k.

  • Michail Bonev

    I sell a self-contained real estate in Bulgaria, in a picturesque
    region of the Elena Balkan – 12 kilometers from Elena town.
    Please see the attached file. The real estate consists of:

    1. Two-storied house, built in the typical Balkan architectural style
    with the excellent panoramic view to the Balkan, 140 sq. metres total
    residential area. Lay on house electricity and drinking water.
    A courtyard 1500 sq. metres with 10 fruit-trees 40 years old, one service
    construction and one agricultural construction with penthouse.
    An asphalt-paved road to the house. A steady GSM cell-phone broadcast.

    2. First bonus – an oak forest-grove with an area from 10100 sq. metres being
    located only on 300 м from the house.
    3. Second bonus – another forest-grove with an area from 13100 sq. metres
    being located 3 km from the house. This forest borders on a river.

    The start price of the real estate is 52000 EUR!
    The price is negotiable!
    [email protected]
    or [email protected]

    Contact person /my deputy/:
    Mr. Vasil Dobrev
    Rousse, Bulgaria
    “Aton” str. # 1
    Phone +359 894 220 172

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