Not So Relevant Malaysian Facts

Two words that have a naughty connotation in Malaysia but not anywhere else:

  • Spender
  • Steam

One word that has naughty connotation everywhere else but not in Malaysia:

  • Rubber

Two letters that does not exist in the Malay language:

  • V, X (it only appears in words borrowed from English)

Some Malay words you probably don’t use in everyday conversation:

  • Senak, mahligai, keterampilan, arakian.

If you can speak English:
…you’ll probably understand a lot of words in Bahasa Malaysia.

Two English TV shows that had to be renamed in Malaysia due to negative connotations in their titles:

  • Xena the Warrior Princess
  • Mighty Morphin and the Power Rangers

Some English movies that had to be renamed in Malaysia due to negative connotation in their titles:

  • Hellboy (renamed to “Super Sapiens”)
  • Barney’s Big Adventure (renamed to “Pontianak Sundal Malam”)
  • Ring 2 (renamed to “Samara: Oh God Not Another Scary Movie”)

Some Malaysian gameshows that probably would not be syndicated overseas:

  • Sendaloka Bersama Singer
  • Tekaria
  • Kuci-Kuci Pampers Hey


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