Some Random Events over the weekend

Streaker at the Royal Wedding

Yeah, I know it was passé, but I watched a bit of it. Nothing like Diana’s wedding 24 years ago, and ol’ Charlie must have been pretty annoyed the Pope and prince Rainier ruined his week.

But the best bit must have been the streaker being taken down by the bobbies. The mounted cops did their best to hide him from the camera. And get this, the cops had time to stand and pose for a group photo with the half-naked guy, as if they were on a sight-seeing tour…

Why don’t we see any female streakers?

Second best bit – when Charles and Camilla fumbled to grasp each other’s hand during the church blessing… Definitely a Kodak moment.

Make a Difference

My church is helping OM in their Cambodia mission. We are collecting items for a health pack to be distributed to street children there. The pack consists of 6 items: comb, soap, shampoo, small towel, small toothbrush and small toothpaste (all new). Our church children will pack them up together if the items are donated separately.

This campaign is part of a long term effort to make a difference in Cambodia. We first try to teach about personal cleanliness, then about spirituality.

If anyone has any of the above items lying around in your house (especially if you stay in hotels a lot) and wish to donate, mail me and we will do the rest. There’s a need for 1200 packs a month, we’re targeting 6 months first.

Canaries beat the Devils

Pay attention, Sir Alex. Doesn’t do your team any good if you get humiliated by basement clubs. Last year it was Wolves. Next year when you’re playing Ipswich or West Ham, try not to send out your reserves in gross arrogance over-confidence. (BTW, I am NOT a MU fan…)


Bought Dunkin’ Donuts on Saturyday. Haven’t eaten it for years, walked by their shop and succumbed to their buy-5-free-1 promo.

Mmm…Glazed Double Chocolate Donuts…


  • 5xmom

    I did not watch the wedding but she gave hope. When I am 57 yrs old, I still have the hope of marrying a future king. If not the king, at least some prince. LOL! So, I can keep on dreaming, thanks to her.

    That project is good. Will be on the look out for any resources.

  • Jason

    Hoh, the best part was MU got beaten by our Proton sponsored Norwich Team by 2 goals. I was shocked in disbelief. Too bad, I didn’t get to watch live. 🙁

  • Simon

    5xmom – thanks

    jason & mrkiasu – i think MU has done reasonably over the last 2 seasons, except MU & Arsenal have improved beyond them. Perhaps its time sir alex step aside…

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