Being Tourists in Melaka 2017 – Part 4

Day 4 is our final day in Melaka. We have to be back in PJ to pick up our kids.

So as usual we had breakfast at hotel. After that we wanted to walk to this dim sum place called Low Yong Moh.
On the way there on Jalan Hang Kasturi, we found a flea market. This is a side road between Heeren and Jonker street. There weren’t many stalls open, but the stuff on sale were pretty interesting.

So this is Low Yong Moh. The tai pau (big pork dumpling) is supposed to be pretty good. Since we just had breakfast, we bought one to go. Low Yong Moh is a pretty small place, so do go early if you are planning to have breakfast or brunch there.

So this the pau. very flavourful and old-school.

After the tai pau, we were walking back to the hotel and we passed by Jonker 88. This is the most popular eatery in the whole area. Each time we passed by there was always a long line of people (most probably Singapore tourists) outside this place. Today, though, since it was before 10am, there was no line. So we decided to drop in to try the Nyonya cendol.

Well, have to admit their version is very good, better (and cheaper) than Christina Ee’s version. Since it was too early in the day we didn’t try any of their famous dishes like curry mee or laksa.

Anyway, we packed up and checked out from the hotel. Just before leaving Melaka, we dropped by Baba Charlie again to buy more goodies for our friends. And we bought some freshly made pulut tekan from them.

So ends our little long weekend in Melaka. Must come back to my own second hometown more often.

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