Being Tourists in Melaka 2017 – Part 2

Day 2 of Being a Tourist in my second hometown, Melaka – breakfast at our hotel. Since my hotel is very narrow and compact, the breakfast is served in another lot across the street, located inside a nyonya kebaya boutique. Breakfast here is a very low key affair, but serves good food. On the last day here, the chicken rice served for breakfast was excellent.


Today, we’re going around out of the city. First stop is to visit my grandmother’s house in Ujong Pasir. My father was born in an old wooden house in Kubu Road, near where the stadium is now. Over the years, they moved around a few times, including a house in Tranquerah (Tengkera). A few years before I was born, they moved to this house in the pic. This is where all the memories of my grandmother and Chinese New Year reside. Back then Ujong Pasir a nice residential area, walking distance to the beach and mangrove swamp. Today the area still retains the quiet suburbia charm, although the swamp has long been converted to more homes. And the beach… well, I don’t think I want to see how it looks like now.

Last year we sold the old house after both my uncle and aunt (my father’s siblings) passed on. I guess the new owners still haven’t decided to do anything with the place yet. Jimmy’s house on the left is not visible.

Melaka house

From Ujong Pasir, we drove right across town to Ayer Keroh to Aunty Rosemary’s house. Aunty Rosemary is my mother’s best from her nursing school days. She married a successful plantation manager but he passed on in the mid-80’s. Her 3 children have all grown up and she lives by herself in a huge (by Malacca standards, anyway) house in Taman Sentosa.

We’re here to have lunch with my mom, Aunty Rosemary and my uncle & auntie who stay nearby in Bukit Beruang. But the REAL reason I’m is to see my old friend Maya!

(maya is very tired)

Haven’t seen Maya for 7 years. She used to be extremely active and noisy, but now she’s old and overweight, suffering from some growth. But still happy to see me. Aunty Rosemary has had many dogs in the past. There was Hazel, the Rottweiler mix, Frisco, the smaller version of Hazel, that cocker spaniel (can’t remember name). And when Dinesh the son comes back, he brings the imposing golden retriever Caesar.

Lunch is at Huang Chang chicken ball rice in nearby Batu Berendam.

huang chang

huang chang chicken rice

Eh, the food here wasn’t good at all. The rice was still tasty (although much smaller balls), but the chicken didn’t taste good. That’s it, I’m never coming back here again. Time to find another chicken ball rice (please don’t ask me to line up 2 hours at that coffeeshop near the Stadhuys).

After lunch it was time to go back to the hotel. On the way, we stopped by Baba Charlie for get some nyonya snacks. I’ve never heard of this place, Google told me it is THE place to shop, so I obeyed Google. It is located at the end of a (very) narrow side street just after Tengkera.

baba Charlie 1

baba Charlie 2

Turns out it is really awesome. The pineapple tarts were delicious and cheaper than in town. It was so good we came back on Sunday to buy snacks for our friends. Do go early in the day, as the kueh tend to sell out fast especially on weekends.

Back to hotel for a nap.


After that we went round Jonker Street for a walkabout.

jonker walk

There’s a shop at the northern end of Jonker street that serves nice durian ice cream.

durian ice cream

We also dropped by the Mamee shop. Not sure if the Mamee snack is as popular as it was back in the day, but now they’ve diversified into making biscuits and instant cup noodles. Back then we each Mamee packed contained a sticker (in addition to the pack of unhealthy MSG flavouring), that you’re supposed to collect a whole set and stick them in a sticker book. Something like Figurine Panini collectibles.


We also stopped by the famous satay shop for some nyonya cendol to cool down in the heat.


Of course we tried that special satay babi. Nothing really special about it, though, but I guess its a Malacca thing.


In the late afternoon, when it wasn’t so crazy hot, we went out to the Jonker Street night market. The famous market is open from Friday to Sunday. I have to say the market is pretty vibrant, selling a different variety of stuff, not jus the touristy trinkets and standard street food. The latest thing now is this quail’s eggs on a stick. I can feel my cholesterol shooting up by just looking at it.

quails eggs

We tried some egg waffles. Of course it is never as good as in Hong Kong.

egg tarts

Finally for dinner, we wanted some place with good coffee, so we decided to try Calanthe Art Café. They claim to see different variants of coffee from every state in Malaysia, wanna guess which two flavours did we order?

coffee at calanthe art cafe

Food was so-so, but slightly better than yesterday’s riverside dinner. in terms of Western cuisine, I guess Malacca doesn’t have the quality compared to PJ & KL.

calanthe food

Walking back through the market to our hotel. Really lots of people now.

night market

To be continued.

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