Japan 2016 : Part 3 – Todaiji Temple, Nara

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From Kofukuji, we walked across the park toward Todaiji, the main temple in Nara. There is a long distance to walk and there are lots of things to see.

The Nara National Museum is large complex and quite popular, but we didn’t go in.

(Nara National Museum)

There are a lot of restaurants along the main road, but this particular restaurant caught our attention with the queue in front. What was so special about this place?? We would find out later in the day.

(what’s so special about this restaurant??)

(nice lake in Narahimuro Shrine)

One place you should visit in Nara is the Okumura Commemorative Museum. This centre is dedicate to a Japanese who invented a dampening system to reduce vibration during earthquakes. But more importantly, the centre is an escape from the cold, serves free hot green tea, and has a great viewing deck. And free toilets.

(Nara Okumura Commemorative Museum)

There’s a plaque here identifying all the landmarks in Nara. In the centre is Todaiji temple, and behind it is the sacred mountain where all the deers come from.

(excellent view)

Once you reach the walkway to Todaiji, it is lined with souvenir shops. Two popular local snacks you can try in Nara is Day-of-the-Boar mochi and narazuke, which are pickled fruits and vegetables.

(walkway leading up to Todaiji)

(cute deers!)

(this shop is run by a deer)

(MORE deers!)

(This deer is being punished)

The entrance to Todaiji is Nandaimon, watched by two giant Nio Guardian kings.

(Nio Guardian kings)

We didn’t go into the Daibutsuden Hall, but there’s a giant Buddha statue inside. (there’s an entrance fee).

At this point, I sat down on the bench and took out my map to study it. And a deer unceremoniously came and ate my map. BAD DEER!

(Somewhere here a deer ate my map!)

Beside Todaiji is a large park area dotted with many shrines, temples and landmarks, but we were quite hungry and were looking for food.

(two elderly ladies doing watercolours).

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