Hua Hin & Bangkok 2016 : Part 11 – Plearnwan

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Thursday was day 4, our last full day in Hua Hin. So far we’ve done pretty well on our itinerary, covering all of our planned stops. For today, we are going to Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village. This place, popularly known as Plearnwan, is an open air shopping arcade with a 60’s vintage team. The décor is main timber village, and the shops are a mixture of vintage clothes, toys, antiques and food stalls.

I really like the whole timber and rusted zinc / aluminium theme of the place, makes it look quite authentic.


There are basically two floors of shops. Above the higher floor, there are hotel rooms available if you want the whole experience of staying in a noisy 60’s village.


Nice cat guarding the pastry shop.


Didn’t take many photos of the shops, but they have tops of souvenirs for sales and other interesting shops. The one that really caught my eye was this vintage console and handheld game collection.

I still have that rare silver coloured backlit Gameboy! that’s the one second from the right.



At the end of the mall, there is a fun fair area with a ferris wheel and carnival games like, whack-the-mole, ring toss and knock-down-the-cans. A bit like real-life version of iPhone games based on old real-life carnival games. The ferris wheel, though, looked a little dodgy. Probably not the safest in the world.


By late morning, the weather was getting a little warm so we sat down for some cold drinks and snacks. The egg waffles were just okay, nothing compared to the HK version. The mango sticky rice was really good, though.



This is the traffic warden. Might scare off some small kids. Since we were slightly out of town, we couldn’t get a tuk-tuk, so scary clown traffic warden and his colleague helped get a taxi from across the road. It was a big SUV, and the 10 minute ride cost us THB 150, the most expensive ride we took while in Hua Hin. Plus, the driver was rather unfriendly, not having change for us, so upon reaching our destination we had to get change from the shop.


Since Plearnwan is slightly out of the way from the town centre, I would suggest to do it as part of a day tour with other destinations. Or at least book a tuk-tuk to wait for you until you finish. You would probably spend 2-3 hours here especially if you have something to eat. But I found this place rather quaint, and worth a visit. We bought an vintage designed watch for my daughter (THB 200) and the vintage games store was really interesting. But food stalls were rather limited so you might want to plan to eat somewhere else.

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