Hua Hin & Bangkok 2016 : Part 10 – Inu Cafe

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A few weeks before coming to Thailand, someone sent me a list of must-go cafes in Hua Hin, and Inu Cafe was one of them. Inu Cafe is a dog café, which are becoming very popular here in Thailand. More specifically, a café with Shiba Inu dogs (hence the strange name for the café). Shiba Inu is a group of rare breed originating from Japan, similar to spitz. However, unlike spitz, they are not noisy, and are world reknowned for their independent spirit.

If I were to describe them they look like a cross between a tiny wolf and a fox, but with white, grey or brown fur.

We actually came yesterday, but didn’t realize it was closed on Tuesday. So today we came again. It’s actually located in a semi-detached house in a housing estate. If you didn’t know what to look for, you’ll easily miss it.


And once you are in the heavy metal sliding door, you’re greeted by happy Shiba dogs! They’re all busy running around and jumping its tough to get a good pic of them.


There are 12 shibas here, but today only 7 are out to play. We were the only guests in this tiny café, so after awhile, the dogs get settled and you can play with them.


I’ve been a dog person all my life (grew up with dogs) but this is probably the first time I’ve encountered a Shiba dog. And I can say they are incredible obedient and adorable!


Even small kids can interact with them (so okay, my kid isn’t very small). Some of the dogs are more passive than the others, I guess since it was mid-afternoon some of them have been tired playing all day.


(this one got tired and fell asleep waiting for my food)

We were here for a late lunch, so we ordered some of their signature dishes. They serve Western inspired food like pasta and burgers, and at quite good prices.

Since they knew we came yesterday when they were closed, they served us a dish of complimentary cheese nachos.


This was the rest of our meals, some pork dish and burger.


Meanwhile, while we ate, the dogs are patiently waiting for us to drop food for them. No such luck. Dogs shouldn’t eat human food as they could fall sick.


After lunch and some ice cold drinks, more time to play with the dogs.



Then finally its time to say goodbye to all of them. One day, if we ever come back to Hua Hin…

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