Hua Hin & Bangkok 2016 : Part 9 – The Grand Night Market

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Yesterday we received reports of twin bomb blasts in Hua Hin. Our prayers go out to the families affected.

After some rest back at the hotel, we ventured out to town again at night for dinner. It was drizzling, so we hailed a tuk-tuk downtown. As we mentioned earlier, there are at least 5 night markets in Hua Hin. We had already visited Chatchai and Chatsila night markets, so tonight we went to Grand Night Market.

Grand Night Market isn’t grand or big, it is named so because it is located in front of the Grand Plaza Hotel. It is situated in a open square which looks like a car park of some sort, sandwiched between the hotel and San Paulo Hospital.


First thing on the agenda, eat. At the side of the market, there is a row of food stalls selling local food. After a quick survey, we settled on this place run by a few young Thais.


We ordered our usual fluffy egg omelet and pad Thai. Of all the pad thai we had in Hua Hin, this was the best.


After dinner, we took a walk around the market. Grand night market is smaller than the other main market, and due to the drizzle, the place was rather deserted.

(cute puppies for sale!)

Found a stall selling second hand books.


Another stall selling freshwater fish, akin to the one in SS2 PJ.


Grand Night Market isn’t as vibrant as the main market, so I’d advise you to come only if you been to the other one.

Next – Inu Cafe.

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