Hua Hin & Bangkok 2016 : Part 2 – Sam Phan Nam Floating Market

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On the morning of our very first day, we woke up early for a swim in the pool. The swimming pool was one of the biggest factors that attracted us to this hotel, and it didn’t disappoint. It stretches about 80 meters from the lobby straight out to the beach.

After a morning swim, we went down to breakfast. The coffee house is a quite small room about six tables, but is adequate considering the size of the hotel.

The menu varies slightly every day, and they have eggs cooked in different styles to order by the chef.



(poached eggs and Florentine with salmon)

After breakfast our driver was already waiting in the lobby for us. Our transport was for THB 1,300 for the entire day until 5pm. I did a lot of research and some bargaining, and this was really a good deal for the 4 of us. So first thing on the itinerary is to Sam Phan Nam Floating Market. There are two floating markets near Hua Hin, this one is newer and slightly nearer. It’s about 30 minutes out of Hua Hin.


When we got there, we were surprised. This wasn’t a traditional floating market like Damnoen Saduak or Amphawa. Its more like a shopping arcade built over a lake. It’s all rather modern, clean and convenient. Stuff here is cheap though, and is probably a good place to buy souvenirs and clothes.


There’s a THB 200 entrance fee for foreigners, and the ticket includes a boat ride around the lake. When we first entered the market, there’s a crowd waiting for the ride, so we went around the market instead.



The shops are mostly selling clothes (many different variations of the ‘I love Hua Hin’ theme), foodstuff, souvenirs and handicraft. Today being a regular Tuesday morning, the market was a little quiet.


There’s a little electric train that goes around the market.


This little shop sells traditional dodol in different flavours.


Every day at 11.30am there is a free traditional performance at the theatre. The show was rather entertaining, probably a scene from a Thai legend. Funniest thing was if you watch closely, only the two in white are actually girls, the others are, ahem, not.



Next – Santorini Park.

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