South Korea 2015 Part 8 – Shopping in Myeongdong & Andong Jjimdak

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After a long day of going to N Seoul Tower, Ewha Woman’s University, and Seoul Lantern Festival, it was 8 something at night and we hadn’t had our real dinner yet. Naturally, we went back to Myeongdong, where it was near our hotel, and had plenty to eat.

Disembarking from Myeongdong station, you can go through the Myeongdong Underground Mall. Quite a few malls around Seoul have underground malls for the convenience of the commuters. Seoul Station probably has the most impressive one.

Generally, stuff in Myeongdong is pricey, so we didn’t shop much. But we saw this shop selling K-Pop merchandise.


(Generally, put K-pop pics on anything, you can sell it)


We bought some souvenirs for my daughter’s friends. Then onward to dinner.

Myeongdong is really happening at night. the streets are lined with snack stalls, and its packed with tourists and shoppers.



I planned to eat Jjimdak, a famous stewed chicken and seafood dish. In Myeongdong there are two famous restaurants serving jjimdak, Bongchu and Andong. I’ve read that Bongchu is the more famous of the two, but Andong was easier to find (Bongchu did not have English or Chinese words outside their shop). So we went in search of Andong Jjimdak. Turned out I needed directions from a bunch of nice office guys having a smoke after dinner. One of the guys even offered to take me there (it was just around the corner).

Anyway, with some directions, it is easy to find the shop. Its on a lane off Myeongdong street, and its the 3rd or 4th shop at the start of the street, opposite an OSulloc tea shop. There is a big sign in Korean and Chinese.

Andong Jjimdak serves chicken and seafood jjimdak, you can also opt to have a mixed dish. We opted for the mixed dish. Basically, its stewed and braised chicken (or seafood) in dark sauce served over glass noodles.


This serving was more than enough for the 4 of us (they only serve one size), and it was a good thing we didn’t order rice. The restaurant is very popular with tourists due to its location, and the staff can speak Mandarin. We really enjoyed our meal, very hearty and tasty, and very fulfilling after a long, long day of walking and shopping.

After dinner we took a short walk back to the hotel. We saw a few more jjimdak restaurants, but not as popular as the one we visited.


There’s also a Hello Kitty in Myeongdong, besides the more famous one in Hongdae. However, this one was already closed for the day.


Finally, before reaching the end of Myeongdong, we found this large K-Pop shop. It probably started out as a shop selling cassettes and CDs in the 80’s and now they’re selling mostly K-pop paraphernalia and souvenirs.


En route back to our hotel, we saw the beautiful Christmas lights at Shinsigae shopping centre



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