South Korea 2015 Part 7 – Cheonggyecheon Stream & Seoul Lantern Festival

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After a long day of shopping, we returned to the hotel for a rest. In the early evening, we went out to Cheonggyecheon Stream to see the Seoul Lantern Festival. The stream is a revitalized urban project, where you can walk along the river and see art installations, murals depicting historical events and water cascades. On normal days lots of tourists walk along the 5.8km river, especially near the centre of the city.

But every year at the end of autumn, the Seoul Lantern Festival is also held here, so if you come at night, you can see many floats lighted up on the river.

We took a bus to the stream. if you going there, its best to start near the Gwanghwamun Station and walk east ward.

(There are Paris Baguette outlets all over Seoul, this one is the Signature branch with more dining options)

Before going down to the stream, time to get some dinner from the street food stalls.

(cute jelly snacks)

(long queue for this kebab snack)

(some snacks before dinner. the other one is pancake with fillings of some sort)

Then onward along the stream. I think there were more than 100 floats, each section has a theme, like cartoon characters, monuments, war scenes, etc. We alternated walking below and above street level. Along the way there are many steps to go up or down, especially near the bridges.




Under this particular bridge, is the center of the Lantern Festival celebrations. Young people write messages or wishes on strips of paper and hang it up on the lantern.



Or you can float it along the river.


There were some stalls selling toys, souvenirs, or you can get your caricature done.



I think we covered more than 4km of walking one direction.


These Pororo floats were very popular.


At the end of the lantern festival we took a subway back to Myeongdong foor our dinner.

Next – Shopping in Myeongdong & Andong Jjimdak


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