Catching Up on TV : The West Wing Season 4

Well, to be honest, halfway through this season, I gave up and stopped.

I moved on to other things, other shows, other matters. But the completionist in me nagged for me to finish it, so after a month or so after stopping, I picked up where I left off. It was a good thing the 3 episode story arc where I re-started was quite interesting.

This season was rather forgetful. the things that stuck in my mind was it was the re-election campaign, which wasn’t very convincing. I felt the tension of the campaign could have been captured better, I didn’t sense the urgency that Bartlet was losing or winning either way. And Bartlet winning a landslide on the back of one debate?

One of the stars of the show, Rob Lowe (Sam Seabourne) leaves halfway through the season, and he was slowly written off the storyline and replaced with Will Bailey.

The season finale was a cliffhanger as usual, although a little abrupt. it started with the Vice President resigns due to an impending extra-marital scandal. It all seemed rather deus ex machina, we hardly saw John Hoynes all season, and suddenly he gets dropped into the storyline just to set up the finale? well, anyway, the finale has the President invoking the 25th and handing over the presidency to the Republican Speaker of the House to deal with the kidnapping of his daughter.

Well, I’m more than halfway through the 7 seasons. Next up are the non-Alan Sorkin seasons, can’t really say I’m looking forward to it. But going to push on anyway…


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