Letterman Retires

So I hear David Letterman is retiring today after 33 years and 6,000 shows.

If you were to ask me if I prefer Leno or Letterman, in a heartbeat I’d answer Letterman. I’ve been a Letterman fan ever since I started watching him on the old MetroVision channel (remember that one?) in the mid-90’s. Even then Leno was more popular than Letterman, especially with the younger crowd. But to me, Letterman was funny, Leno wasn’t. there was this smarmy ‘I’m funny’ side to Leno that I disliked, to me Letterman was genuinely funny. 90’s Letterman was mellowed version of his earlier persona (judging from reports and Youtube clips). After I watched ‘Late Shift’, the movie about how NBC screwed over Letterman by giving Johnny Carson’s old job to Leno, the more I empathized with the former for his self-depreciating humour.

I’ll have to admit that I haven’t watched old Dave for more than a decade. These recent years Dave has really mellowed far too much, I can even say that he’s hardly even trying to be funny anymore.

between the new guys – Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien, I watch all three of them (thanks to their online videos), and I like all three of them. I’d say I like Conan the most for his sense of humour, but all 3 of them have their good and bad points. Kimmel’s a nice guy, but he’s not putting the effort to be funny or innovative. I never found Guillermo, the late Uncle Frank (or Veatrice) or Adeline funny. About the funniest thing on his show is his Cousin Sal, now that guy’s funny. Give him more segments, I say.

Leno’s successor Jimmy Fallon is another nice guy, and undoubtedly funny. but there’s just something about his humour that doesn’t really sit right with me, but I really like his skits and games with celebrities. Now that’s putting in the effort to be innovative.

Conan, well, to me he’s the best of the trio. Being gracious even after getting screwed over by Leno earns brownie points from, but he’s genuinely funny and an affable host. He has a good sidekick (Fallon’s whatsisname sidekick is just creepy). and Conan’s Clueless Gamer series is just about the funniest segment on late night TV.

So coming back to David Letterman. obviously he can’t compete with these new younger guys, so I think its way past due that he retires. Goodbye Dave, and thanks for all the laughs, chief.


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