Short Road Trip to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)

We’ve heard of Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) for the longest time, but never visited. after all, my family is hardly the kind of people who buys the kind of fashion (or prices) they offer. But a recent conversation with friends prompted this road trip. Sometimes, a road trip is more for the company and fellowship than the actual destination.

So last Saturday we packed up 5 adults and 2 kids and 1 toddler into the Toyota Rush and started off from Puchong. Despite some maneuvering around Putrajaya to avoid a inexplicable jam along the SKVE, we managed to reach our first pit stop in Tangkak.


Believe it or not, after growing up 18 years in Muar, I think this my first time in Tangkak town, not counting the few times I passed by en route to Gunung Ledang as a youth. We stopped by a clinic to pick up some drops for Caylee, and for an early lunch. What’s there to eat Tangkak? I mean, other than beef noodles? Nothing, really. So went for the obvious.

The dispenser lady at the clinic recommended 2 options for beef noodles, we went for more famous one.


The noodles are quite good, a notch better than their branches here in the Klang Valley, but in the Tangkak they don’t any other choices aside from beef.


Tangkak looks to be a nice town, laidback, maybe larger than Kampar. Then we drove on to JPO.


We reached JPO in early afternoon, and while there weren’t many people there, the carpark was almost full.


If you are not familiar with this place, its an open concept mall like They have in Australia, but with covered connections. Its not really big, but if you’re a serious shopper with lots of cash to burn, you can easily spend a day here. There is a wide range of brands here from the most expensive – Armani, Coach (where you have to line up to get in, they only allow 5 customers at a time). The not so expensive brands are the most here – Bonia, Swatch, Tissot, Kipling, Braun Buffel, etc. There are also affordable brands, where we spent most of our time, like Nike, Adidas, Esprit and Cotton On. At the time, there was a sale going on, most store were having up to 70%.


Personally, the best deal was at Nike. Running shoes start from RM79, but i bought the RM169 model.



For food there is limited choice, but they have a food court here.


I think all in all both families spent almost RM1,000 in total. I think we spent the most in Saccor, Kipling and Nike.


By the time we finished it was almost 7pm, we went for dinner before checking in our hotel. Didn’t want to go far, since our hotel was in nearby Senai, the only other place i know of the duck rice and noodles in Skudai.

It was much better than i remember it – last time i was here was 1996 when my family visited me in uni before graduating.


Dinner came up to RM80, not including the otak-otak.

Hotel Le Grandeur

By the time we check in to our hotel, Le Grandeur, it was way past dark and we were super tired, so we didn’t get a good look at the premise.

But next morning for breakfast, we were pleasantly surprised. Le grandeur isn’t a new hotel, more than 10 years old, but its still quite good. Thanks for John for getting us good rates.











Johor Bahru

After a swim and checkout, we drove down to JB. Ive only been back here once in the past 18 years, and the that was 10 years ago. JB has changed a lot, but the old city is still pretty much same.
Danga Bay was disappointing, reclamation has ruined it, and the city was caught in a horrendous jam due to works along Wong Ah Fook.




After a few rounds trying to find Holy Light church, we gave up and decided to head back. A pit stop at McDonalds for lunch, and then a long, long drive back to the city.

So ended another road trip. Maybe this was too short, rushed and tiring, but still fulfilling and great company. Looking forward to the next road trip, then.

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