Happy Holidays are Here Again

School holidays are here again. Parent these days scramble to find activities to prevent their kids from spending their whole break glued to the PCs or iPads. Or spend it on vacations.

When i was small, my parents had a very effective plan. They’d pack us up to my grandmother’s house in Malacca. Together with my cousin, we’d spent days after days playing endless card games (gin rummy and Bluff were our favourites), charades and messing with Balone the dog (he was our dog Scooby’s identical brother). In the evenings we’d play in the field near our house. I remember a small little tomboy of Portuguese descent that i love to play catch with.

Most evenings we’d walk town to the beach to watch the mudskippers on dirty beach. My cousin told me deep in the mangrove there was a shrine. If you went there on a particular night of the year with the right offering, you see whatever you asked for. Strangely enough, the entire mangrove is now a housing estate now. I wonder who’s unfortunate house sits on the shrine location.

Sometimes on weekends my aunt would take us to town to catch a movie. Most of the time it’d be one of the cinemas in town, one time we went all the way to Kam Mah Theater in Bukit Baru. When my mom found out, she wasn’t happy. Apparently, that cinema had a somewhat seedy reputation.

Mostly we stayed in the house. Sometimes we’d help my grandmother prepare beansprouts, or pound belacan. In the afternoons, we’d listen to the Cantonese drama on the radio.

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