Applying or Replacing Your IC

Today I brought my 12 year old daughter to make her new IC. Many many years ago when I was small my dad brought me to make IC in the small town I grew up in. I remember we just went to the NRD. There was no queue, no number machine, no online application coz there as no Internet. All we did was walk up to the counter. Remember those old blue ICs with the strange fish-like embossed pattern?

Anyway things are much more straightforward to apply now.vthe problem is that there are too many people applying now making the queues very long.

i went to the NRD near my house. To check the nearest branch, check out their website at http://Jpn.gov.my. If you are in a hurry, go straight to Putrajaya, you application process can be shortened to a week.

if you are applying for an IC for your 12 year old kid, just bring a copy of your IC (as a parent). For the kid, bring the original birth cert and MyKid (really, who in the NRD thought of this name?!!)

If you are non-Malaysian or if you are a guardian, check their website for additional documents to bring.

Go to the ticketing counter and get a number and an empty form. The form is very straightforward to complete. Then sit and wait. Numbers go pretty fast so make sure you don’t go to the mamas nex door and miss your turn. When we were there on a weekday afternoon, 40 numbers went through in less than an hour.

Once your turn comes, the officer will check your form and documents. Then you need to wait for your turn to take your photo. They’ll call you when your turn comes so stick nearby the photo booth. After your pic is taken, you’re done! Wait 1-3 months and they send you a notice to collect your new card.

If your replacing your lost or damaged card, you can do it online. But you need to collect it in person.

For your child’s IC, make sure you apply within 1 month of turning 12 years old. Any later and there is an unnecessary fine.

So that’s about it. Very simple and hassle free.

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  • cclia

    well, things are getting easier n more friendly service than before….i used to be scared with the counter ladies as they were fierce….now, working in the sector, i thought i can be like her….not anymore…..sure i will get tatatertib love letter if i did that to the customers…..wah kah kah kah…..

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