Under The Lion Rock (獅子山下-羅文)

Was watching this talk show where veteran HK/Taiwanese comedian Slyvia Chang (张艾嘉) was doing a candid interview with a few stars from the 80’s, one of them was Lowell Lo (盧冠廷). Watching them reminiscent about the old times somehow reminded me of another HK star, a TV series, and an unforgetable song.

It was Under the Lion Rock by the late Roman Tam, (獅子山下-ç¾…æ–‡) and the TV show was named similarly. I can’t remember much about the series, only that it was about the life and hardships of the middle-class Hong Kong citizens.

(The actual Lion Rock in Hong Kong. Its said that Roman is refering to all HK folks)

But the song, now that is a great story. In the current economic situation, where every week, one more of my friends is getting retrenched, Roman could have very well singing about us. Life is always hard, maybe more so for some people, but we can only struggle and make the best of what we have.

Listening to the song on Youtube sure brings back lots of good (and bad) memories. Patrick and his wife has done me a favour and translated the lyrics below (Full chinese lyrics can be found here.)

RIP, Roman…

Life has its joys
But often has sorrows, too
When we all meet under the Lion’s Rock
At least our laughter exceeds our sighs

Life has its challenges
Not without its worries
In the same boat under the Lion’s Rock, we row together
Putting aside our differences and finding common ground

Putting aside our hearts’ conflicts
Together we pursue our dreams
In the same boat we promise to go together
Without doubt or fear

Together to the ends of the earth
Joining hands to conquer the challenges
Together we work hard to create
Our everlasting legend


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