Presents NOT To Give Your Mom And Dad On Their 60th Birthdays

Dads and moms are notoriously difficult to shop for when it comes to birthday presents. There are only so many times you can give mom cookbooks and vases, and dad already has FOUR ‘World Greatest Dad’ mugs on the mantelpiece.

I can’t really come up with new and fantastic ideas for your parent’s birthday, but I can think of some stuff NOT to give them… (if really desperate, just write a cheque…)

Presents NOT To Give Your MOM On Her 60th Birthday

  • Imeedeen
  • Paris Hilton’s New CD
  • DVD boxset of old 80’s sitcom ‘The Golden Girls
  • A copy of “Dummies Guide to Growing Old Gracefully and Acting Your Age and How to Stop Nagging Your 30-Year Old Son For Another Grandchild” (Large-print edition)
  • RM50 vouchers at Blush! lingerie store.

Presents NOT To Give Your DAD On His 60th Birthday

  • Free one year’s subscription to FHM
  • Paris Hilton’s New CD
  • Stretchable pants
  • PHP and MySQL Web Development (3rd Edition) (Developer’s Library) by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson (Paperback)
  • That small blue pill…

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