I Say Man, England and Brazil Out Already Ah…

Sunday morning must have been a double jeopardy for some punters I know – both Brazil and England crashed out of the World Cup quarterfinals. For most of the ‘I support England’ girls I know, it must be heartbreaking to see the Three Lions lose, especially to less than good looking Portugal (‘aiyah, only that Luis Figo look handsome, but so old already, the rest all look like kheh-leh-feh, one…’). The best quote I heard this morning was “eh, how come Ronaldo play for Portugal one, my friend bluff me say he play for Brazil one…”

Anyway, all these girls will quietly go back to their everyday lives for the next 4 years and only come alive in Soth Africa 2010, asking, ‘eh, what happened to Beckham, ah? Not playing anymore ah?’.

Brazil’s loss, well, it wasn’t all that bad, they were on a humongously bad night. It’s just that all those kaki bangku gamblers must have had a shock when they lost to ‘lowly’ France. I remember 4 years ago during KoreaJapan 2002, upon hearing Brazil beating China 4-0 in a group match, my elderly auntie (who doesn’t even know how many players are there in the team, let alone watch footie) jumped for joy, saying she won RM50. When I asked her if she supported Brazil, she just replied, ‘no lah, I dunno wan, my uncle’s neighbour’s 4D bookie asked me to bet on Brazil, say they sure win one, so I followlah…”

Wow, I wonder if Sepp Blatter has heard this story or not.

So, looking at the semifinals, its gonna be Germany versus Italy, and Portugal versus France. Germany against Italy, yaaawwwwnnn… Okay, on any other day, I’d say Italy would win 1-0 (do the Italians know how to win any other way?) but crowd support might help Germany, but in the World Cup, the higher authorities dictate that home nation must go as far as possible to sustain hype and interest to maximize advertising dollars, (remember South Korea last time? Like hell they can beat Italy and Spain again…), so it might be a tough match. These Hong Kong bookie syndicates very powderful one, you know, dun play – play.

Maybe people should bet Italy to score the first goal, another bet that it’ll be in the first half. If you want to be adventurous, maybe another wager that Italy will get one player sent off in the second half. And if want to bet some more, maybe can try Michael Ballack vomiting on the sidelines at around the 80th minute.

The other semis is Portugal against France. Hmmm… let me call bookie for some tips before I comment further…

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  • Michael Gannotti

    As an Americanof Italian heritage who wants to one day live there I am ecstatic that the Italians have advanced. I have 1/4 German blood in in and another 1/4 Portuguese in me as well (1/2 Italian) but all I can say is GO Azzuri!!!

  • Gallivanter

    When a host nation progresses this far, most losers would whine and say advertising hype and all that jazz. Koreans were a one off – it was so obvious in the games against Spain and Italy in 02. This German team is different. It’ll be a tight contest indeed.

  • lilian

    Yay!!! I found a name in Portugal. You know what? I wanted to pick one fav. player from each, Zidane, Ballack, Fabio (only bcos lots of people google for his name) and I can’t find a decent looking chap from Portugal. Figo better be good looking (oh did I tell you that I pick the handsome, not the best player) or else…

    I clicked through like 15 Portugal players faces and got nightmares of seeing ‘Most Wanted’ faces for rape/serial killers….

  • zyrin

    man… i was *smirking* when England didn’t qualify… kehkehkeh…

    i dunno. for some *odd* reason i thought cristiano ronaldo wasn’t *that* bad looking. but then, my taste in men isn’t *that* great…

  • simon

    Michael Gannotti – italians look good, but everyone should consider the semis first… are you sure you don’t have any french ancestors? Then it would be a grandslam, all of them in the final four!

  • simon

    Boss Stewie – i reckon he got a yellow for the stamp. the shoving left the ref no choice, really. Again, Sven is left without a plan B. (No, sending Carra on to miss a penalty is NOT plan B).

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