Top Ten Signs You Haven’t Used The Internet for A Very Long Time

Hmmm… this top ten list didn’t turn out as well as i thought it would. Can’t remember many things from the old days of surfing…

Top Ten Signs You Haven’t Used The Internet for A Very Long Time

  • You get excited when you find a new version of your favourite browser, the hot new programme called [tag]Netscape[/tag].

  • You think that the joke, “WWW stands for World Wide Wait” sounds very apt and funny.

  • Your modem is one of those [tag]US Robotics [/tag]look-alikes with a row of 9 red blinking lights.

  • Your website is hosted on either [tag]angelfire[/tag] or [tag]tripod[/tag].

  • You’ve never heard of Viagra, Vioxx or Cialis.

  • You think that [tag]hotmail[/tag] is so cool.

  • “Try using [tag]AskJeeves[/tag] to search. Either that, or you can try [tag]Lycos[/tag] or [tag]Altavista[/tag]. They’re the most popular search engines…”

  • When you enter an URL address, you insist on starting with http://www…

  • You think that a ‘blog’ is some kind of green caterpillar in your garden that eats leaves.

  • Your main Jaring e-mail address has the word ‘pop’ somewhere in it.


  • Ken

    – You’ve probably never heard of the word “broadband” before and think that “streamyx” is a foreign language word…

    – You probably delete your old emails constantly to make space for new ones…

    – You get excited whenever you receive an email which says “You’ve Won!” or “Enlarge your ____!!”….


  • walski69

    – When you hear ‘WiFi’, your immediate response is, “I dunno.. do YOU know why?”
    – Or think that SPAM is real meat, not miscellaneous animal parts

    Good post, by the way…

  • pelf

    (a) Your US Robotics look-alike modem emits sounds so loud that you had to cover it with a pillow to avoid waking Mum up.

    (b) You check your emails every 30 seconds.

    (c) You spent the entire evening configurating Outlook Express just so that the emails from Hotmail could be downloaded into the PC.

    (d) You spent an entire week typing in contact details into Microsoft Outlook (then the PC crashed soon after!).

    Hhehhe 🙂

  • lilian

    You subscribed to every channel (iVillage, MSN women etc) and get excited when you get their spam mails. Feel…’awww…i feel so good with so many emails’

  • inevitable

    Connect your dial up. Login to your hotmail. Read the first email and click on reply. Disconnect it and type your reply. Connect back and click on send.

    This is what I did last time during dial up because we have only one phone line and my mum always have incoming call… hehe

  • simon

    ken – actually, ‘streamyx’ dun sound so great these days…

    walski69 – lol. actually a lot of ppl dun know the original meaning of spam!

    pelf – the other day i tried linking and downloading my old hotmail acc to my outlook. They make you pay now!!! Forget it, i said. Hotmail gets spam and not much else.

    cyber-red – it was my first browser…

    Lilian – then you tell your friends about it, like its so cool!

    chengsim – some websites still require the prefix. Time for them to change…

    moz monster – i miss it sometimes. too bad its dying…

    sexymama – I think of the pop users should have migrated to ‘pd’ or some ther webmail services… 😉
    inevitable – “Boy-boy! Are you using the phone?! I want to call your Auntie Agnes!!!”

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