How to Tell If Your Girlfriend is Watches Too Many Hong Kong Serials…

My wife watches it. Your girlfriend watches it. Your colleagues gossip about it at lunch hour. Even your kid sister fights the remote with you to watch it. It’s that scourge of local/cable TV known as “Hong Kong TV serials”.

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend is Watches Too Many Hong Kong Serials…

  • She changed her name from Jessica to some la-la name like Candy, Mimi or Flora.

  • She can remember the exact dialogue of a particular scene of the TVB serial ‘Healing Hands’ shown on Astro 3 years ago featuring her favourite actor, but she can’t remember your apartment number.

  • She has Dynasty Package and Emperor Package on her Astro decoder. No sports channels, no news networks, no kiddie cartoons package, just the important Wah Lai Toi.

  • Everytime you’re sick, she INSISTS on making you bird’s nest soup. And forces you to finish the whole Tupperware container. Even though her version tastes like crap and you swear it makes your fever worse.

  • To her, everybody in the world can be divided into only 6 categories of people – good people (like you and her), policemen, crooked gangsters, rich arrogant folks that look down on you, old folks that give out pearls of wisdom and colleagues who can bitch and gossip like there’s no tomorrow. There is no in between.

  • Rain or shine, flood or mudslide, traffic jam or roadblock, she MUST be home on weekdays to catch the TV2 6pm serial. Unless she has already seen it on Astro or videotape (but she’ll still watch it again anyway).

  • All the pop songs she knows are either theme songs from the serials or sang by the actors featured in the show. And they’re all soppy ballads that are sweeter than condensed milk in Coke. And no, she doesn’t know any Hoobastank.

  • Everytime one of those TV stars come to Malaysia, guess who’ll be right there at Sg.Wang Plaza to meet them with the posters and whistles and glowsticks, screaming their names at the top of their voices?

  • Every time her sisters or girlfriends meet up from all over the country, guess what will they be talking about? (I’ll give you a hint. It ain’t about the share market…)

  • Disturb her during the ‘holy hour’ (weekdays, 8.30pm to 9.30pm, Wah Lai Toi Astro Channel 30) and you’re dead meat.

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  • lilian

    Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! I had been cured of that addiction. Otherwise, I will cower and grovel in now. BTW, the time is 8pm to 10.30 pm, Monday to Friday. If missed that, can always stay up till 2 am to catch re-runs. Abuden, last night I caught War and something. Damn stim leh, this sida yang dah dikembirikan got that pretty wife and he wanna his ‘seed’ planted so he got his nephew to tanam for him. OMG, I better go for Bible study class Mon – Fri evenings.

  • spud

    man, i’m an incurable addict. I mean i’ve started watching these HK serials since i was a toddler. Life would never be the same without them. heck, i shudder to imagine what my life would be like without them! empty, lonely, cold….(sounds like a HK serial already!) btw lilian, i happened to watch dat war n beauty episode wif the sida too. and now u’ve just reminded me to watch tonite’s episode to see wat happens. ;p

  • simon

    nicktay – i also know a brand of margarine called ‘flora’. 🙂

    lilian – that guy acting in war & beauty very de popular le, all the girls syiok la.

    spud – all the girls in my opis are watching that ‘war and beauty’ thing. I rather watch TRL on MTV.

    kiasi – kljs is the god of serials man. anime, hk, you name it…

    coppersnare – itu very popular man…

    belacans – so lucky aa? not fair!

    cyber-red – cold turkey, huh? 🙂

    inevitable – smart move. or there’ll be hell to pay.

  • S-Kay

    What??? THAT guy in war and beauty is loved by all the girly fans? Euuuuuuu…he’s that good meh? Galen Lo even better. LOL.

    But yeah..thank goodness I’m not a crazy fan of TVB but currently, the War & Beauty series is addictive. Watching it coz of the girls only…even Mr.BF is addicted to it like me. Quite chi kek ler the show..ahahha

  • simon

    pelf – so you also addict? 🙂

    jeremy C – axn is excellent. they have more killer shows than any other channel.

    s-kay – eeyer, galen looks a bit ah-neh to me, besides, his roles always goody-too-shoes one…

  • lilian

    Simon – I also arm luen Moses Chan!!!!! If I knew he starred in it, I shud have followed the series. He is the kind of man all men should follow. Not like that ghey Korean Bae.

  • hcfoo

    Wah Lai Toi alone not enuff. A true HK serials fan also catch the latest drama on VCD and watch the repeats of “Change of Time” and “On and Off Track” on Xing He channel.

  • Pat

    Eh, I match at least 8 of those symptoms, how ah? 🙂

    To be honest, I just find them incredibly addictive, so I try to avoid going to those channels 😛

  • Wayne Cautillo

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